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I'm not doing such a good job at keeping up on this thing.. but it's not like anything life altering has been happening I guess....
I've joined a new family.. myself and two other of my friends are the "Cake Sisters" smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
I love them smilies/icon_heart.gif haha
There's [Killer Pancake], Teacakes with Coffee, and then Me XxMoonCakeMalevolencexX haha
They twisted my arm, and we collaborated for a while until we found a cake just for me. xD
It's safe to say that there are good people on here that I would actually love to chill with.. but they're all so far awaaaaay.
In any case, I've run out of things to say..
Like I said, nothing outlandishly crazy has happened.. so you're not missing anything I promise.