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I've never wanted to just stop living as much as I do now.

Too much stuff wrong, too much stress.. Whats the point in waking up right now?
BLEEEEEH. I'm so weird at the moment. I cant find my medicine, and I know who took it. (Stole it.) and I still am not good food wise, and bill wise.

I have too many hospital bills and no money. They keep sending my letters. But I dont have 8,000 dollars. I also have to pay my phone bill of 120 dollars, and to cancel my contract for 300 dollars.

I am cramping and sad. I was going to draw, but after finding out all my medicine was missing. (I mean ALL of it. Not just one bottle, every single bit.) I just think all about everything. And even with this depression I cant really manage to be creative.

All I want to do now is just huddle up in a ball and cry..

It would be nice if I could have some company, but I dont really have anyone at the moment. Theres a few of my friends I know who dont really like texting me, and another who are too busy to talk to me. (Which is really about three.) and the rest dont know, I just dont know them.

I whine too much, but I cant find anywhere else to vent, so I just did so on this abandoned journal.
No one really looks. Eh. Thats fine though. No one should have to listen to my complaints. They are annoying.