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Music today has been s**t. I hope to remedy your tastes and spread the word 'bout certain artists.
Week 1; Heymoonshaker
Hey everybody. First post of something new I'm doing. I don't know if people care or whether they even like me or not as a person for my tastes or whatever, but I'm keeping a web-blog with news that caught my ears every week. This week I'm promoting a band that has caught my attention for the last few weeks;

Heymoonshaker (Dave Crowe & Andy BaLcon)
"What do you get when you mix PPPPRRRT and *pling!* with clean and rough vocals?"

Heymoonshaker is a 2-piece band that exists out of the street performers Dave Crowe (Known for his audition in Britain's Got Talent) and Andy BaLcon. I knew Dave from his YouTube videos and Andy from his as well. Dave is worth over a million views as a "Dubstep Beatboxer", and Andy as a "Roughly Clean Singer-Songwriter".

Mix the two of them together and you get Heymoonshaker, a blues/funk/rock pair with Andy BaLcon providing the strings and vocals, and Crowe peforming the drums and... well, his "noises". Though the combination doesn't seem as appealing it certainly was interesting. Crowe may not be able to go all out on his beatboxing but that made no difference to him. Atleast he doesn't have to tell TV show hosts how to moan and beatbox at the same time.

Music wise it's a really great band in my opinion. Crowe has always been able to mix things up with his mouth and tongue, but in my opinion BaLcon shines, with his vocals. His amazing cleans as performed in "Devil In Mind" as well as his control over his vocal fry (if you'd name it that) as performed in "Ten Letter Word" makes for a great contrast in songs. Crowe's beatboxing helps set the pace and mood for all the songs. You'd feel that if the drums were any slower it could be a ballad, or any faster and it'd be clean speed metal.

Last Wordxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Heymoonshaker has a bright future ahead of them if the combination catches on. Perhaps if Crowe's videos take off far further than they have already, more attention would shine on the band. Andy has a side project called "The Andy BaLcon Band" which is interesting as well. Please support them in their journey through the music industry and download their album from iTunes called "Shakerism". Worth the hassle!

Heymoonshaker's Rating: 7/10.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote or review or critize any subject on my weblog. Anything I type/say/do/promote/potato/etc on here is my own choice.

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