Hello people I will write a lot so BEWARE EPIC WRITING! So...how's your life friends? OH SORRY I forget this journal entry is supposed to be about me! Well summers almost over so I'm kinda just waiting for school to come back.I will use big words now.So typically I'm anxiously waiting eagerly for school to come back.lately I've been lonely even though I have a lot of friends I feel really insecure because I feel like they can just disappear a leave me alone.I try to hang with my girlfriends so I feel kinda better.I'm straight by the way and by girlfriends I mean girl-friends girls that are my friends.I'm currently single and very young. Thank you gaians who read this because I'm opening my heart and feelings to you.I love my family but right now I'm very concerned about my grandpa because he used to smoke a has to stay on an oxygen tank all day.In general my family if doing well.If you actually care I'm doing pretty good.I am kinda bored and I hope to have something exciting exciting enter my life. Gaia is one of the most fun things that has entered my life.If you didn't know I have a Facebook and I've already become friends with dragonson04 on Facebook.I love anime so much if anime was a person I would marry that person.I also am in love with adventure time and regular show.Omg I also can't forget the amazing world of gumball! Also k pop GENTLEMEN! So funny! I like j pop too! By the way if you're wondering I'm a pure Asian japanese and Filipino! I think I'm average height and weight.I absolutely love music and can't live without it!Typing this has made me glad because now I'll be strong because I won't be depressed forever ! It's not the end of the world! There you go I'm no longer depressed! whee