well i'm back from a- what was it, 3 months?- hiatus. yeah, i came back since i got bored of just reading manga and s**t. anyway, going to college now, meeting new people, having the last few days with my friends in town before i leave. It's scaring me to know i leave in less than a month but god, just to know that i made it this far is amazing...i grew more the last few months of school than ever before. Could be cause the accident but i don't know, i just gained more of a grip on life than i have before. To tell y'all the truth, i left before the accident even happened. What is this accident, you may wonder. Well, it's played so much in my mind over the spring that i just don't feel like posting it anymore. all the parts are that we all lost a friend unexpectedly and we all took a step back to realize what we are faults that we had. it hit me the most since i had only been thinking of suicide just a few hours beforehand. over the past few months, i felt myself detach from reality and the internet. am i finally having a break from this digital, ironic paradise i used to call home? well, the first few weeks of college will tell what i have to expect. current updates from me personally: i grew old enough to be considered a part of the adult world, i'm packing up to leave home for my fall semester in college, i sorta lost the will to even get online, i'm catching up to manga i never took interests in, and now i'm thinking of visiting chicago during the winter break to meet up with a friend i met. my old, little nerdy self is lost in the internet and now a new hipster-like, "cute" (by my friends, i consider myself just younger-looking) is finally getting ready to kick a** and take pictures of my food, and i'm all out of memory on my phone to take pictures. well, i might just get on to vent out from time to time on my journal but if you do wanna keep up with me, follow me on twitter at cherrywaves1221. i post there more often than i would in here. until then, see ya bitches.

- i like to come up with edgy signatures.