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One good thing after another
Super stoked!!!
note: do not get super emo sad ext. over this post smilies/icon_stare.gif i am so over emotions right now probably cause my girly probs are gonna kick in soon ... but that is no excuse smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif

continuing with my most amazing news

Warp tour july28 - i get to see billy talent and motion city sound track!!!!

August 2nd Nelson will be safe in the USA smilies/icon_blaugh.gif well as safe as anyone can be o.o ya know texas still has scary spiders and hot as fuuuu x.x

August 11th MARIO AND LUIGI DREAM LAND RPG omfg another one!!! but its all about luigi nowadays since they exploited mario like a ******** whore on a red light district but im ok with that xDDD

August 16th Nelsons Birthday ^_^ -confetti-

September 19 my birthday!!!

September 20 davids bday!!!

there are probably some amazing things to happen between august 11th - sept 20th but i just dont know what they are just yet

in the mean time i have to think of what to get for my winter wardrobe seeing as i dont have one.... -shrugs- but my goal this year is to get a REAL LEATHER JACKET something black timeless sleek sexxxy for motorcycle rides @ 4am xDDD

then i can get like a fake brown leather jacket or blue ext.