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Let Me Clarify Something
So I have been thinking for a bit on why people get all hot and bothered when I say I have given up on females because their only real use is sex. I have always wondered why people get so angry at me for giving up. However, then it hit me when I thought about what I am always told "You have just not found the right girl". Really that particular phrase made everything make sense. Then I get a good laugh out of it because that phrase assume way to much.

The largest part of this assumption is dating. I find that most people automagically assume that I am dating females and just getting turned down. This makes me laugh because it is so incredibly far from the reality of things that it is funny. No I have not so much as even received a name of a female in 4 years, in a social setting. I tried the whole talking and miserably failing at flirting. IN all my attempts over an 8 month period I did not so much as get a name, a fake name even. Nope it was just a female who I wanted to ******** at the end of the night blowing me off because I did not buy her any drinks.

Hmm well I guess that is the biggest assumption. You know because all these normal people out there go out and date and meet and attempt mating. The closet thing to mating I have had in the past 4 years is... well I guess a girl hugged me for some reason. That has been it, there has been nothing else. However, most people in the give up situation give up because all their dating does not lead to a relationship. So I need to clear this misconception up. I am giving up on females because they do not and never wanted me.

Plain and simple, there is a huge difference in the give up between me and a normal person. I am an outlier, I cannot get attention unless I am throwing money at a female. So I have given up because of my life experience. Females do not want me period. The only ones who want me are those who are desperate for a male in their life and do not care if that male is actually desirable. Since females like those, who I am actually attracted too, are very... well pretty much non-existent. I do not receive the time of day.

So with no females being willing to give me a chance. More and more I see them as objects for sex. People always tell me I need to drop that attitude, but you know why should I? I have never seen any evidence that a female sees me as more than a wallet or tech support. Yet I guess that is ok because well they are female. After all the glorious double standards are all that the formerly oppressed get to have as penance. So why should I drop my views if they are not going to treat me any better?

You know I also like females who tell me to lower my standards. You know my standards are not that high. By telling me to lower my standards you are telling me to go after all the fat and ugly chicks. I require myself to be attracted to the female that is all. I am not attracted to fat or ugly chicks. I know exactly where I fall on the pecking order and just because I fall into that category does not mean I find anything like that attractive. No I still have standards. I know, it is a shame, you females blame me because I have the same thing that you guys have. After all, males are shallow, and I embrace that fact. I mean there is no revolutionary movement going on out there for me to join so why change what is not broken.

Anyway, I digress I just wanted to clear up a few misunderstandings. I am giving up on those things I ******** called females because I cannot get past the interview stage. I am not like the majority of you twats out there. Nope, those of you who date and date and date and date and date and just cannot find that one that sticks. Your issue is pretty much heavenly to me. A paradise where I would know that I am not just the embodiment of what females do not want in a male. In the situation of most of you. I would know that I am at least attractive enough to warrant a real genuine attempt. However, what I do know is that if I am not paying you girls for your attention I am not worth the brain power to process my image, much less the energy required to talk to me.