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For specific roleplay ideas:
I like anything that involves rape, cruel/harsh punishment, whips and chains, spankings, extreme bondage, chastity belt, bruising, verbal abuse/degradation, objectification, forced masturbation, humiliation/ridicule, blackmail, *public humiliation*, urinating/dirty diapers, etc, bestiality, animal play, incest, if that's not too overwhelming. I want forceful, literate roleplayers only.
I'm also a chubby girl, I love being insulted and called dirty names such as fat whore and so forth (even better if my character isn't chubby and is being called such filthy things).

Nothing is a requirement, I never expect people to have all the same fetishes I do.

Third person and no one liners!

I like playing straight girls and forced lesbians. A girl forced to wear a strap-on with another girl as entertainment for a few rowdy boys, that'll do just fine. I like being treated as something I'm not such as being treated like an actual dog or an actual baby, etc.

***I am especially, especially bored of regular brother/sister and do not take a liking to step-siblings. If this is what you fancy I suggest being more creative about it. Also, nothing fantasy/sci-fi related***

NOTE: While many of these involve gangbangs, they don't have to be! It's up to you how many characters you can manage..

1. In a small community when any law is broken the punishment is public gangbang where the criminal is brought to the town square and forced into sexual acts. The whole town gathers for the event (say, much like they would do back in the day for hangings). The criminal's reputation is then ruined and labeled the town slut. In this roleplay I will probably be playing a girl who gets caught stealing. The man she stole from is allowed to do as he pleases to her publicly and either his friends or restless people (men or women) in the crowd come to join in on the punishing.

2. A man becomes obsessed with a young schoolgirl and kidnaps her after stalking her for (insert length of time here). She wakes up in a room where the walls are covered in pictures of herself and sticky notes on every detail of her life. He keeps her prisoner in his basement and does as he pleases.

3. The most popular girl at school rejects an innocent, nerdy boy when he earned up the courage to ask her out. He then seeks revenge by blackmailing her into dating him and publicly humiliating her/ruining her reputation at school, often times by partaking in sexual acts with him (videoing it or taking pictures to spread on campus or actually doing the acts in front of people).

4. At a private all boys school there is a woman kept in a cage as the class pet. Each week the most well behaved boy gets to take her home for the weekend to take care of her. He can do as he wants with her while she's in his possession, invite his friends over to hang out or torment her in his spare time.

5. A girl's father gets in trouble with some debt that he can't pay. Some men, after beating up the father, kidnap his daughter and keep both of them in their basement. They do what they want to his daughter in front of him and force the both of them into things.

6. A group of thirteen, fourteen year old boys are emerging out of puberty and getting restless. Gathering at a friend's house they notice his older sister and their virgin bodies can't take it anymore. They tie her up and play with bondage toys found in the parent's bedroom. They take turns spanking her and laughing at the way her body jiggles. They do what they want threatening her with pictures they've taken of her, threatening to send them to all of the school including teachers. This roleplay can also be done with the mother in the same way, threatening to send pictures to coworkers.

7. A young girl gets caught by her brother taking seductive, revealing pictures of her body and sending them to a few boys in her class, flirting and teasing them but none of the pictures were entire nudity. Her brother manages to steal the phone and forces her to take worse pictures than she planned on. He sends them to the boys and eventually adding other people to list, such as her teacher. Now when she goes to school her teacher starts touching her and taking the pictures as an invitation. Eventually all the boys think she's easy and that the pictures they get from her as truly from her and soon she's the school's slut, her brother manipulating the whole thing. When she goes home her brother threatens her with sending the pictures to their parents so she's forced to obey.

8. An old nun walks in to give a confessional when she's taken forcefully (by one or more people). He/They continue to come back for more and make her do whatever they want, taking her as their own slave. She won't do much to combat them because she is eventually convinced this is some sort of punishment given to her. Same roleplay can be done with a preacher's daughter who is targeted as a "challenge" for the neighborhood boys.

9. An abusive, alcoholic father uses his wife and daughter like slaves. They stay in their bedrooms unless told otherwise. The mom is typically let out more often to do the house chores. One day he has friends over and beckons the two girls to come out of their rooms to keep him and his guest company.

10. A woman is kept as a slave in a large basement. Men gather every weekend to surround a large cage/arena built in the center of the room. The men shake and bang on the cage restlessly. They drink, gamble and barter with one another. A different animal is let out into the arena each weekend and quite like gladiator of our past, she and the animal are the main entertainment for the men but instead these animals are teased and made horny before being released and she is ******** by something new each time.

11. A few zoo workers begin tormenting a tiger (or other animal of your choosing) in heat at the zoo. They tease her and use whips on her and take turn ******** the large cat (or...).

12. A girl goes to visit her Uncle who she hasn't seen since she was a little girl. He owns a small animal shelter and she decides to do some volunteering, only he request she wear a uniform that consist of a strap on dog tail which ties around the waist and hangs below the butt as well as some puppy dog ears. The man loves his dogs and his neice starts to become too desirable so one day he makes his move on her and has his way with her except he treats her like she's really an actual dog. He forces her on a leash, calls her names, whips her when she's bad, and makes her bark, beg, sit, stay as well as walk on her hands and knees at all times. He has his fun with her and sometimes chains her up in the play yard with the other dogs who also get a little out of hand.

13. A father decides to punish his daughter for poor grades and for sneaking out of the house and not cleaning her room and... he's had it. His punishment this time is to bar every bathroom door in the house. He forces her to wear a diaper instead and yet when he discovers she's made a mess of herself he punishes her further... He makes her crawl around everywhere and act like a baby to prove that she is one.

14. A perverted teacher gets bored after school watching the detention class. He notices there is only one girl present and while she goes for a bathroom break he starts lecturing the boys on women... He encourages them to do all the wrong things and by the time the girl has returned the teacher begins to take advantage of her. The teacher instructs the boys to join in. They take pictures of her to spread around school and humiliate her. Eventually the teacher begins to send more and more girls to detention and as each one shows up the teacher sits back and watches the boys apply their new lessons.

15. A chubby high school girl is teased and picked on at school. A group of boys, fellow classmates, follow her home one day and force her into their car, taking her to one of the boy's house. They lock her in the basement and play with her, make fun of her, and mock her. They keep her locked in the basement for a while the city thinks she's gone missing. They tie her up or put her in a cage while they're away at school, leave the dog with her to guard her or ******** her or sometimes put her in a diaper. When they return they punish her for any misbehaving. They use her as a human urinal and beat her.

16. A high school girl travels by herself on the subway at night. A couple of guys and a girl (I play the girl) were out drinking and not ready for their night to end. The girl with them is drunk and horny enough that she'd do anything they suggest to her. The group spots the innocent high schooler and begin harassing her, convince their friend to do some girl on girl action, and they all violate her, forcing her to come home with them.

17. A boss of a big company calls up his secretary late at night to rush in for a big international meeting. She'd do anything to get a big promotion so she ditches dinner with her boyfriend to be there. When she arrives she doesn't know she's arriving to a bunch of drunk, rich, married men who need entertainment. Her boss asks her to help entertain the men but they misinterpret her for a stripper and begin sexually harassing her to remove clothes and so on.

18. A shy, innocent girl is dragged to a house party by her friends. She loses them in the crowd and a group of guys take notice of her. The guys are part of a gang which everyone knows not to mess with or get in the way of. When they corner the girl and start violating her, harassing her into the corner of the room or maybe the very center of the crowd, no one steps in to stop them. Everyone just watches and tries to keep to themselves, though it's hard to avoid. They take advantage of her as they please.

19. A female police officer tries to chase after a gang involved in some illegal drug scandals. She ends up chasing them down into an abandoned building where they lock the door behind her and have their way with her.

20. A cop notices a prostitute late at night. He harasses her on the spot and instead of taking her to jail he arrest her and takes her to his own place where he forces her to provide her services to him without having to pay for it, threatening to turn her in otherwise.

21. A once slutty girl who gave herself to anything and everything, used and taken advantage of in all possible ways, has finally straightened up her act. She's engaged and lives the life of a faithful woman with good intentions. Her fiance's best friend then discovers the secrets about her hidden past and blackmails her into sleeping with him in order to keep her past a secret from her fiance. He then recreates all the awful acts that were done to her in her old life.

22. A lesbian teenager is mocked by her older brother. In an attempt to teach her a lesson he takes advantage of her and does as he pleases. He may even bring others in on it.

23. A young girl goes to stay with her extremely religious grandparents where her grandfather uses and takes advantage of the girl. He might invite her uncles and brothers to join in, believing it is the rightful use of a girl and their duty to teach her her place among the rest of them.

24. A character employee at Disney kidnaps and takes a child to the locker room for some fun with Goofy.

25. A girl pledging to join a sorority house is forced to do unthinkable things, many of which involve humiliation and sexual acts.

26. A young girl is routinely and secretly molested by her dad's friend. He always seems to make suggesting comments when they're alone and grabs her a** or otherwise. One weekend her father must leave for a week due to business and his friend volunteers to look after the girl. The man takes full advantage of the situation and does as he wants, tying her up and all, maybe inviting other mutual friends of her father over or making a personal home movie.

27. A girl responds to a job posting as a ranch worker. She assumes the job has to do with feeding the animals and cleaning stalls but when she arrives it slowly becomes clear that that is not the job. They instead force her into a collar and leash and tie her in the barn where they use her to mate with the horny males, be it dogs, pigs, goats, horses, sheep, etc.

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