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Bubble Bath Stories
Sodium Laureth Sulfate's journal
Avatars + Background Story


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1. Stevia upon hearing that there are people who only eat plants
2. Stevia during Tanabata
3. Stevia visits her ol' Missus' garden during summer~
4. Stevia discovers dresses & the colour pink
5. Stevia's first ball! She's discovered alcohol! She has no idea why there's a bird on her head, though...
6. Stevia takes up gardening. She wants to feel what it's like to look after her own kind~ (14th Aug)
7. Stevia's managed to secure her first job! She's a waiter and has no idea what she's doing, but she'll get the hang of it soon enough.
8. This is a "what-if" version of Stevia -- meet Steve! What if Ms. Fairy had turned the potted plant into a boy instead of a girl? Well, this is the result~!
9. Just Stevia enjoying the breeze~
10. All bundled up!

Stevia rebaudiana is a species of herbs in the sunflower family, native to subtropical and tropical regions from western North America to South America.

Commonly known as sweetleaf, sweet leaf, sugarleaf, or simply stevia, it is widely grown for its sweet leaves and used as a sweetener and sugar substitute. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose, and may even enhance glucose tolerance; it may be useful as a natural sweetener for diabetics and others on carbohydrate-controlled diets.

Stevia is a potted plant whose wish to become human has been granted by a rather drunk fairy one night. She is terrified of vegetarians and diabetics at the moment. But with the guidance of the fairy who had (rather irresponsibly) transformed her into a human being, Stevia is ready to explore the world!

Here are some magnificent Stevia artsu from WGers:

by teeth clicking (from this game in the WG forum)

by Rock_hard_yo

Thank you!! These made my day!

Questions regarding Stevia:

1. If she doesn't eat/drink plant-related food/drinks, then what does she eat? Does she have any qualms about eating meat, then?

2. Who is this Ms Fairy character? Will we ever see her face?

3. Does Ms Fairy face any repercussions for turning Stevia into a human being? Is she planning to take care of Stevia forever? Why is she not turning her back into a plant?

More to come soon! Let's see if I can answer these questions...



Basic description
A woman who claims to be from a rich and respectable family, but really isn't.

She made her fortune from treasure-hunting and stealing (although she only steals very, very occasionally, however she does not mind it when people - often enemies - accused her of being a thief).

Her lies
Olga has managed to blend into the high-class society so well to the point that many actually believes in her cover story: that she is a daughter and heiress of a very wealthy man in some foreign land, who simply enjoys travelling the world.

The sad truth

The truth is that she comes from a poor family and has nine siblings (she is the fifth - not the eldest, not the youngest - more importantly, not male; therefore not special or important enough).

Her mother had died shortly after the youngest one was born, putting Olga and her three sisters in a very tough spot. Her father favours the second child, the eldest son, putting all his resources into sending him to school while pretty much ignoring the others. He typically expects nothing of his three daughters except to keep the small house clean and to take care of the annoying youngsters.

Empty Book of Destiny
At the age of seventeen, Olga meets a mysterious and enigmatic young man at the market. He boasts of adventures, of thrilling shoot-outs with bandits, and of caves filled with abandoned treasures. He also randomly gifts her with an old map and an empty notebook, saying, "Well, that's yours now. As for the book - well, that's your destiny. It's empty, by the way. S'up to you now."

He disappears into the busy market crowd while Olga is too busy examining the items in her hands.

That is her first and last encounter with the young man.

Running Away
The next day, Olga decides to run away, thrilled by the ideas that the mysterious man had given her the day before, and tired of the unfair treatment her father is giving her. She is determined to set out and make her own fortune, and although she does not really like her siblings, she has made a promise to herself to return to her sisters once she is rich, to take them away from the forlorn life that they currently live.

She goes through her first adventure by following the map that the young man had given her. Along the way, she has managed to change her name to Olga, met many interesting characters, changed her hair colour, forged new friendships, learned how to shoot a gun, fell in love with guns and shoot-outs in general, learned how to pick-pocket and steal food to survive, and finally, at twenty years of age, found her fortune in an abandoned castle up a very rocky mountain, far south from her depressing village.

Olga and her five-member treasure-hunting party decides to split the treasure equally between them, before going their separate ways. She travels alone to a city up north and established herself as the adventurous heiress from a foreign land. Nobody would suspect a thing as long as she remembers her manners.

What Next?
Olga often consults her notebook - the one given to her by the mysterious young man when she was seventeen - to see how far she has managed to take herself. She always reads the two lines scribbled on the first page before she goes to bed:

I) Return home; rescue sisters
II) Find mysterious person

This, it appears, is the logical thing to do next, but Olga isn't quite ready to face her past.


The Sacra Cousin's Universe:

Set in the Kingdom of Nur (meaning light in Arabic), the Sacra Cousins come from an old, powerful and respectable family of mages. However as time goes by, there is disunity among the people of Nur that ultimately segregates the mage population from the humans.

The humans are accusing the mages of abusing their powers and abilities, especially the ones related to the mind: telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, etc. This fear was first spread by His Majesty's Council, to which the respectable Etari M. Sacra used to belong.

This brings about the Ring Law, which stipulates that every single person who exhibits any signs of mind-related magic needs to be registered and prescribed a simple power-suppressant device in the shape of a ring (and later, bracelets).

Needless to say, the suppressant rings are perceived in a negative light among the magical population of the kingdom, for the rings do nothing but to take away their abilities, identities, and most importantly, their freedom.

Etari Sacra was one of those who are against this Ring Law. However, the other pro-ring councilmen and women managed to persuade the king into implementing said law. Those who keep rising against this law are either banished from Nur, or executed.

Etari Sacra and his family are lucky enough to be banished, but the Sacras are forever branded as traitors, and Etari dies a broken man.

His grandchildren, however, would continue to carry out his mission: to try and restore justice to the magical population of Nur, and to find out who exactly is behind the initial scaremongering.

The Twelve Sacra Cousins, being powerful and accomplished mages themselves, manage to sneak back into the kingdom and live under false names and identities. They spread across Nur, each establishing their own 'headquarters' in an attempt to help magic-folk who are being oppressed by the Ring Law and the council members, either directly or indirectly.

Below are some of the twelve cousins.

Erianne Sacra
alias: Kelabu (literally 'grey' in Malay)

The youngest of the Twelve Sacra Cousins.

She sees the world in black and white. Despite this, she is a powerful healer, working for the mage population near the eastern border. She is also well-known among the wingers who dwell in the Eastern Woods.

Erianne never seems bothered by her colour-blindness. In fact, she rather enjoys giving fashion advice to her cousins for fun just to annoy them.

Her older sister is Esmeralda, and she has four more older brothers.


Esmeralda Sacra
alias: Leyana Riza

Leyana in her uniform || Leyana during the Tanabata festival

One of the Twelve Sacra Cousins.

Part shape-shifter, part teleporter (the latter being the more superior ability), she disguises herself as a student at the elite Rohani Boarding School, located in Biru, the kingdom's main harbour.

After graduating each year from said school, Leyana (whose real name is Esmeralda Sacra) would take a break for several years before assuming a different look and enrolling once more.

It is believed that one of the teachers there is a dangerous mage in disguise who is working for the King's council, but so far Esmeralda's ten-year investigation draws a blank.


Emma Sacra
alias: Nuha Fariq

One of the Twelve Sacra Cousins.

Nuha manages an orphanage, Rockland Orphanage, with her shape-shifter partner Blagakhsandi (Bee for short - sometimes he's an owl, other times a cat, but most times he's a pillow). It's situated in Rockland, one of the poorest towns in the kingdom of Nur where unwanted children are often left to die.

She really is actually Emma Sacra, the fourth grandchild of Etari Sacra, after Edelweiss, Eric, and Emilia.

She doesn't seem to mind the non-magic users much, and wants to learn more about them.

Compared to her meticulously neat sister, Emilia, who is one year her senior, she is rather laid-back and has a carefree soul. This clash of personalities often results in disagreements and quiet treatments, but those only last several days at most, and they generally get along well.

Her orphanage stands near the western borders of Nur. Akai, the neighbouring kingdom, has become nothing but a desolate land after a particularly devastating war centuries ago.

There might be a connection between the fall of Akai and the current state of disunity in Nur. Emma and Blagakhsandi are always investigating the possible links between the two.


Emilia Sacra
alias: Ali Murann

One of the Twelve Sacra Cousins.

The director of the famous Leh-An Library.

She is known to be a very tenacious person, and runs the library efficiently with the help of her very close-knitted and loyal group of librarians.

Rumour has it that she is connected to Emilia Sacra, one of the Twelve Banished Sacra Cousins. Because of this, her library and staff are constantly being watched by His Majesty's spies, and Murann herself is always under surveillance.

She is very much annoyed by this, because she is, after all, Emilia Sacra. She finds laying low and keeping out of trouble really tedious, especially when those hunting her down are incompetents.

Her favourite phrase seems to be, "That's too much of a hassle," and this often drives her staff up the wall - especially when it involves important projects involving the library that needs her immediate attention.


Q (Skyfall)

Visit Q's profile here!

"Q is a fictional character in the James Bond films and film novelizations. Q (standing for Quartermaster), like M, is a job title rather than a name. He is the head of Q Branch (or later Q Division), the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service."


The newest Q of MI6 is a young man, unlike many of his predecessors before him -- but despite his age, he appears to be at the very top of his game and he most certainly knows what he is doing.

He and 007 got off the wrong foot the moment they first met. Bond is surprised to find out that his new quartermaster is a young man who "still has spots," and Q seems to be of the opinion that his knowledge of computers and technology is far more superior than Bond's fieldwork skills, commenting that he could, "do more damage on his laptop, sitting in his pyjamas before his first cup of Earl Grey than Bond could do in a year in the field."

Later, however, Q appears to show more respect towards the field agent, as they work together to chase Raoul Silva. But this does not mean that Q is ready to give up or hold back his witty and sometimes sarcastic remarks when interacting with Bond.


Q is fond of tea, particularly Earl Grey, and has a fear of flying.



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