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Only Necessary.
Terrible Dream
In my dream i was walking around some wooded areas, and there was someone something screaming. It didn't sound like a normal human scream it sounded like the voice was of an animal.
It was like I time jumped and I was lifting the lid to a big orange/red barrel that was buried very deep in the earth, seeming that i was standing in an impossibly deep hole along with it. That's when i noticed; the screaming had stopped.
It wasn't until i touched the wooden lid that the smell hit me. It was the worse thing i had ever smelled. The weird part was the smell wasn't coming from the inside, but off ground surrounding it.
I wish i had never opened that damn thing. Even now that the dream is over the image is burned into my mind. The thing inside it didn't even look human.The only thing that made me think it was, was the photos that were stuffed in the barrel also. Photos of that of nude brunette girl, in many disrespectful positions. The thing did still have bits of brown hair, and it had some of the same nose.
I can't accurately describe what it looked like.
It's skin was slimy and green looking, covered with rot and decay. There were globs of it rotting at the bottom of the barrel with some dark liquid. Her eyes.... Her once hazel looking eyes were now a sick milky color. Her mouth was wide in a horrible ' O ' shape, and it looked like her tongue was chewed terribly. All of it's teeth were gone. Her eyes were surrounded by black, and her head was covered in bloody abrasions. She had on a bra. The original color was masked with dirt, blood, and slime. No underwear that i could see. She was young. Younger than I. Maybe 14.

My point of view had somehow changed and now it looked like i was watching from above. Someone started to climb down into the hole with me. I don't know this man. He was large- not fat just large, light hair, he looked like he was wearing cargo shorts and a dark T-shirt. He was a strong man. He picked my fat a** up and cramped me into the barrel with this girl. I called out to him for him to stop, I kicked and trashed around him his arms, only earning grunts and a few muffled words, then the barrels was shut.
My P.O.V changed again. I was me again, and i was face to face with this dead girl. There was light coming from the cracks in the wooden lid, and i could see the liquid. It was blood. Gallons of blood. I didn't sound like he was burying us again. It Sounded like he was climbing back up. I started to hit the lid until my knuckles bled terribly.
CRACK! i looked around for what made the sound. CRACK! CRACK! My hands searched through the bile liquid, then looked over the the girl. The position of her head had changed. Before it was facing somewhat upwards, now it was pointed directly at me. Then it grabbed my hand, and came towards me like it was going to eat my face.
Then i woke up.

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