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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Song: If Only... (Solo & Choir)
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

If only, if only you were my religion...
If only you could see my way, and I could win.
You're so perfect...ly available, and almost...
...Almost perfect...ly better than most.
That's not really what I'm looking for,
But, I'm so damn desperate to the core,
That I'm willing to settle for you.
And, if you're smart, you know it's true,
That I'll try my hardest to change you.
That's exactly what I'm going to do do...
If you're as desperate as I am.
So, tell me, tell me, are you in a jam?
Tell me, where are you willing to compromise?

Of that path, let me tell you the prize.
Divorce, divorce, divorce, divorce...
A broken family, and heart full of remorse.
That path comes to a fork in the road;
And, by time you get there, you carry a heavy load.
If you pick to stay, it'll be fork after fork to the end.
How much are you willing to push, and bend?
Just so that you don't have to wait...
Poor choices don't bring you good Fate,
And you haven't a right to try to change him.
That frog won't become a princess at your whim.
Don't you respect others? Don't you respect yourself?
Poor partner choice will curse far more than yourself.
What comes of the children, can't you see?
That erroneous way makes for a broken family.
Divorce, divorce, divorce, divorce...
A broken home, and heart full of remorse.

If only, if only...
Everyone could see...
The consequences of their choices.
Silenced be the children's voices...
While Mommy, and Daddy act desperately.

(choir) What about me? What about me?
Why must I suffer for your mistake?
Why didn't you wait as long as it would take?
My family is loveless, and my home is void.
I didn't choose this, and it's not enjoyed.
I hide, crying, drowning out the arguing.
I become an object in your fighting.
Later, a reminder of your regret.
Abuse is what I get.
What about me, Mommy, and Daddy, what about me?
If only you wouldn't live so foolishly...
If only you wouldn't choose so selfishly... (end of choir part)

If only, if only...
You wouldn't live so desperately.

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