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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
Here we go yet again
So I found a new place. 5 months later & I finally found one & actually got approved by myself..thank god. A lot faster than when I ended up with dad, but only to be expected it's almost worse living with a couple as opposed to an ocd single drunk. It's a small old-looking efficiency in a overall nice complex, but it's bigger than other ones I've seen in the past & the cheapest ones near work & school.

I filled out the application & less than an hour later they called back & said I got it. I'm so excited it's $390 with the pet rent, more than I wanted, but in exchange for getting the hell out of here well worth it. I also started my new job last week it's not far from my current job & everyone's nice there. Kinda like FedEx used to be.

But of course someone's always gotta rain on your parade when things are going well for you right? Right, so when they find out, b.c of course I'll save some dough if I use their big cars to move my stuff instead of a moving van, they start with the pissy negative attitudes & I expect the same monday when I tell dad he won't have to get me from school anymore after wednesday. (yes it makes much sense to b***h & complain every single time you come out there to get me but when I offer to give you gas money you turn it down, or say i'm looking for an apartment closer by so you won't have to come get me, you complain that I shouldn't do that either!)

Unlike last time I won't back out of the housing deal at the last moment b.c of their bullshit even she started with the "I meant to tell you to get a car first" which she didn't do last time. Oh but get this s**t....when I ask her to take me to look at cars or co-sign on an app. for me she REFUSES! I have the money to pay a down payment, I make enough to make the monthly...... nope won't do it, she instead sits there & yells at me on the phone for 20-30 mins straight about what I can & can not afford. Step-dad did the same thing this morning.... I can't save money for this & that namely a ******** house (which I don't even want to buy a house b.c I love to move around & go places. I even want to move to Japan someday who needs the headache of trying to sell a damn house in this economy) I can't save up enough with a job as a vet tech (b.c he's an expert on how much we make a year), I'll always be paying 'the man' renting & poor, so I didn't need to move anywhere I'd be paying rent to someone else.

Uhhmm.... I ******** pay him rent to live in my own 'home', oh but it's not my home I just have a key b.c 'my' rabbit is still here....the rabbit no one considers mine & whom attacks & hates me. She steals my pets & makes them hers, she's always acted like the pets purchased for me were hers even the damn dog I got while not living with them. I'd barely get to interact with them as a pre-teen b.c when I came home "leave the rabbit alone & wash the dishes" "don't take that guinea pig out of his cage he'll hide" etc. etc.

The bullshit continues. I will absolutely not be coming back this time, will not be letting some a*****e fool me into depending on him then dumping me to drown when I won't submit to his bullshit then I have to move back in with any of them. I ******** HATE MY PARENTS FOR A REASON ANYONE WHO THINKS I'M UNREASONABLE CAN KISS MY BLACK a**!

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