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Failure to sleep.
Ya know its been two weeks since I have actually slept. Last night was no acception. I tried walking just to the bedroom and ended up passing out, half the night i slept on the floor and the other half I had enough energy to get myself onto the couch and catch a few hours of sleep. Thank god my girlfriend kept the dog occupied for most of the morning. Sadly though I still feel like hell. Just getting up and standing is taking quite a bit of effort. Yesterday I had work and I only worked until 10 at night, but I felt myself dipping into my reserve energy and going past that. The fact that I even ended that shift standing was a miracle in itself.
I spend most of the day thinking. I can't stop thinking either. Even when I'm completely out of energy and can hardly stay awake I'm still thinking and it prevents me from sleeping.
My mind is just unsettled to all hell. I've had crazy dreams when I finally sleep, ones that I can hardly explain. One dream all I remember is a door, a really big one with symbols all over it. Well that and that i was talking to someone, I don't know who though.