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Ana's Locket
Not sure what will go here but if I feel like sharing something will definitely be posted here. Who knows.
Return of the queen
Okay, well, not really. I don't actually consider myself loyalty, even if I did take over countries, destroy regimes, and place myself as ruler. No, just kidding (copyright Tumblr dot com, some Tumblr user probably.) Anyway.

I finally have free internet somehow. Uhm it's possibly from one of my neighbors, but it usually goes away at times? Well, it's stable for now, and luckily, I qualified for very cheap basic internet from Comcast Internet Essentials, so I'll have my own internet/wi-fi soon enough. It just takes patience, like many other things I have to endure.

I recently got very into How To Train Your Dragon. I don't know, it's really interesting, and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock is a great character. And it's totally not because he became extremely attractive in the second movie. Well, that's one of the larger reasons why I really love Hiccup, but it's MAINLY his personally. Like, have you seen it? It totally matches with me, even if out starsigns don't collaborate very well. I suppose that doesn't really matter, but I'm a large believer in that kind of thing.

But yes. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III underwent puberty, and not only that, but he CLOBBERED puberty in the face with a damn battle axe. Why? Well, he has a great jaw line now, beautiful green eyes that are like gemstones, a majestic hair-flip that properly compliments his boyish features, and let's not forget his body. Oh, and his personality. I'm sure his personality is just marvelous. He has become quite the daredevil, going so far as to being able to fly alongside Toothless. Well, literally but not literally at the same time? We just don't know how to explain it. I mean, I, don't know how to explain it. Whatever.

I'm not the best at writing journal entries, and I'm not even sure if this is any interesting for anyone. It's been a while since I posted a proper entry but whatever. Regardless, I've gotten into the whole new craze of Mermaids again. Err, it's not new, per say, but I've always loved Mermaids. I suppose it's because below their waist, there is nothing but a tail with intricate designs, slimy texture, and beautiful shimmering scales. Plus, they can breathe under water. And on land. How cool is that? Therefore, I decided to completely revolve any kind of outfit I wear on Gaia with mermaids -- anything. I might work on a new Wix profile that is centered entirely around my own art work, and hopefully it turns out alright. I may not be an artist, but I trust my small skill in it. Definitely, I can manage.

In other news, I decided to undergo therapy. I believe that I'm a victim of social and phone anxiety, and my hypochondria always gets the best of me. I also have fear of talking to people at times, but not always. I wouldn't exactly classify myself with social anxiety and phone anxiety, but it scares the hell out of me when I need to talk to people on the phone. I think I'll get into that someday on here, or maybe on my tumblr (link here). But yes.

That's kind of all for today. May update on my therapy sessions and such, see what's up, rate it and junk. Bye now!

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