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Darks Journal
About anything.
Current Character Profiles
Suzumi- half vampire, half elven sorceress, was deemed Queen of her realm.
She has long black hair, crimson eyes, long sharp claws that can retract so they look normal till she wants to use them, and giant leathery wings that can disappear into her back. She has 2 enchanted swords, a lightning staff, and an ice whip. She always looks as if she's angry or in a bad mood, she is short tempered and easily offended. She rules over people with dominance and aggression but for those few who break through her walls she has a passive side.

Suzumi - Full body image

Crystella- Moon goddess
She has long silver hair and blue eyes. She has the power to heal and white magics. She always has an emotionless expression on her face and is very mysterious, keeping to herself as much as she can. She is very nice unless she is mad or feels threatened.

((but with silver hair))

Roxy- Elf
She has blue eyes. She has a bow, a quiver of arrows, 2 swords, and 4 daggers. She has the ability to see/hear things that are 20 miles away. She is very skilled at archery and can run swiftly, silently, and extremely fast. She has an ancient and royal blood line.

Julia- Catgirl
She has cat eyes, sharp retractable claws, a tail that always seems to swish, twitch, or wrap around things, and cat ears. She wears a short black dress. She is an excellent sword fighter but prefers to use her long sharp claws. She can jump to and from extremely high places. She is nice until she gets mad or feels threatened.

Pearl- Demon wolf
Pearl is 18 years old. She has silver hair, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, sharp claws, dog ears, and a dog tail. She wears black pants and a black shirt. She has a keen sence of smell/hearing. She has no family or friends and is very violent when it comes to fighting. She is mostly always in a bad mood. She sticks to the shadows. It takes a special person to tame this beast.

((but with silver streaks))

Livana - Fire Dragon
She has crimson eyes, sharp claws and fangs. She has a dragon fang sword, 2 fire swords, and a spiked fire whip. She has the ability to multiply herself and to create darkness. Her family died when she was little. She became a lone dragon. She is kind and sweet when she doesn't feel threatened.

Livana - Dragon form

Destiny - Shadow Demon
She has 4 shadow swords. She has the ability to do anything that has to do with shadows or darkness. Her whole clan was killed when she was 20 years old but she had managed to escape. She spent most of her life wandering through shadows. She is very mysterious and keeps to herself. She has never been in contact with other creatures like humans, other demons, werewolves, vampires, etc... so she tries to avoid them as much as possible.

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