Drey Malic
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Ugh... I hate people in general... again.

I hate joining a roleplay and giving my 100% then being tossed to the side as if my character has no importance or being bitched at and called out on because I made a complaint or two. I mean, ******** you. I'm allowed to complain, that's why most businesses have a customer service section, to hear complaints and if your the owner of the thread and you want some healthy feed-back that's what I'll do. I'll give you healthy feed back, but just the other day I was ******** yelled at for
... let me quote what I got...

Prissy miss with a stick shoved up her a** Wrote:
"okay, you seriously need to stop doing whatever it is that you're doing. I've been trying to ignore some of this s**t but you just keep finding one more ******** thing to complain about. If you don't like the choices I've made for the roleplay, then don't join. Or I'll tell you to leave. Simple as that."

-- I got that message after I think making three comments about the roleplay, at most. I complained slightly about the use of real pictures, and mind you it's not like I implored or bitched that much about it, I just made a simple statement that I don't like using real pictures / models, it was one statement and then that was it. I later on asked if I could do something in the profiles. The owner wanted the profiles to be simple, she didn't want big biographies or more than two paragraphs for personality, so I asked her if I could make it into list form. She shot me down instantly. So I made a slight remark, just a tiny statement saying something along the lines of "Oh damns... might as well go back to the drawing board." It was literally just my laziness talking and it was just that little bit of a comment. Yet after that I got that sort of a response from her. It just ticked me off completely but I replied differently than my mood. Here, I'll pull up the rest of the conversation.

I Wrote:
Don't take my mindless banter in a bad way."

Prissy miss with a stick shoved up her a** Wrote:
"I'm not gonna take it in any way. lol. I've made a lot of roleplays and there's reasons I do things the way I do and reasons that I'm fairly picky on certain things because I know what tanks a roleplay. And I tend to prefer certain things. I just don't like it when people complain about everything they don't like about my roleplay but they still join."

-- How the ******** can you say you're not taking it any way after you just messaged me telling to shut the ******** up or leave? I swear this child has some massive issues and yet apparently she's twenty-one? I mean I know I have my anger management issues but this woman just has a massive stick shoved up her ******** a**.

I Wrote:
"Eh, I complain. But I don't keep complaining about it and keep making suggestions on how you should change it. It's your roleplay and I fully respect that"

Prissy miss with a stick shoved up her a** Wrote:
but you keep coming up with new things to complain about and it gets under my nerves a little bit. lol

-- At this point, i've explained myself but apparently I have to explain myself again... I really don't like her and she wants me to not complain? I mean honestly, she's not just strict but completely rigid. She's type casted all her characters and fought about how old her character looked compared to mine... I don't use that word often but by god she's going to make me use it..

I Wrote:
Again, it's just my mindless banter. If I complain that means i'm investing time and energy into complying with what you've got set up. It means i'm trying to make things work. And most of the time, it's just my laziness talking.
it not all the time, it's my laziness.
if it's not *

Prissy miss with a stick shoved up her a** Wrote:
that's fine. i'd just appreciate it if you'd stop complaining. lol. believe it or not, this is the most compliant i've been. i'm usually much more strict.
believe it or not. haha

I Wrote:
I'll keep my comments to myself then.

Prissy miss with a stick shoved up her a** Wrote:
thank you

-- And ******** you c**t. There I said it.