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Zyuranger/MMPR Season 1 character comparison
Hi there!smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Today I will do a comparison of the characters of Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger and MMPR season 1. Okay:
Red Ranger: Gender is same. Both are leaders. The Japan one, Geki, has a brother and Jason doesn't.
Blue Ranger: Gender is same. Billy is more nerdy than Dan. They're both good characters.
Black: Gender is same. Goushi isn't a black. Goushi calls the zord Mammoth not Mastadon.
Green: Gender is same. Both start evil and then are good. The red and green rangers are brothers in Japan Version.
Yellow: Trini(MMPR) is a girl and Boi, the yellow ranger, is a BOY!!! smilies/icon_rofl.gif Trini calles the zord sabre tooth tiger and Boi calls it Sabre Tiger.
Pink: Gender is same. Mei calls the zord Pteradon but Kimberly calls it Pterodactyl.
I would compare the mentors but I'm out of time. smilies/icon_sad.gif See you. BTW tomorrow I will be saying my opinion on Turbo because I didn't watch Power Rangers Seasons 2, 3, or 4. Or alien Rangers. See you!!!! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif