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Simply Gordon
Gage (OC Reference)
These are the only pictures I've had done of him in the past. Neither of the artists seemed to understand what I wanted:

Ref. 1
Ref. 2

I envision him as this really sporty jock. I also envision him as a bit of a douchebag? Like a college frat boy womanizer, lmfao. I only brought that up because it might give you some ideas for poses / expressions. PS: he plays soccer.

For his hair, I want it to be Bieber-esque, but not so much that it screams "Look at me, I'm Justin Bieber!". I definitely want the hair color to be dark brown. Way darker than the Biebs'. This is a good reference picture. I just don't want it to look shaggy; it should be pretty well-kempt.

Okay, now for his clothes. Since he's sporty, I want him to wear one of those long-sleeved, tight athletic shirts. Something like this. For his shorts, I'd like these, but without the Nike logo. Just plain orange shorts. The shorts should come down to his knees, or just a bit below the knees. I'd also like for the shorts to come with a drawstring, but I don't want it tied. I also want him to wear socks and sandals. It's something that a lot of athletes do now, for reasons that I cannot begin to fathom! The socks should be crew socks (something like this would be nice), and the sandals should look something like this (again, without the logos).

I'd like to talk more about color. I want everything in the outfit to be either orange, black, or grey (also, I'd like everything to match perfectly, i.e. no different shades of orange). The shirt should be black, the shorts should be orange, and the untied drawstring on the shorts should be grey. The socks should be black, and the sandals should be just like they are in the picture. And remember: I don't want any Nike logos! Lol. I would, however, like you to keep several of the design elements that are present in the clothing references I included. Namely, the seam in the shirt, the white design on the sides of the shorts (albeit I'd like the design to be gray instead of white), and the orange / gray combination in the sandals.

The black should be... well, black.
The orange should be slightly more vibrant then the orange in the shorts, but not as vibrant as the orange in the sandals.
The grey should be darker than the grey in the sandals.

Oh! And his eyes should be orange.

Simply Gordon
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Simply Gordon
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  • [07/17/13 08:57am]
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