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So, first time using this thingy. Should be cool, even if I use it as a blog. But whatever. I'm kinda here to annoy everyone, so flames welcome, however please don't go over board. Yes, yes, I just set parameters for your comments. There's only so much crap I can and/or will deal with a day. Even if it's not daily, there's enough people here that will probably be offended. These people are of the age group that if I'm not typing like "LULZ im sooooooooooooo in luv-luv wit u" kind of way, they act as if I have no life.

In other news, the number sign (#) is being renamed "hashtag" and is forced to draw attention to acronyms such as YOLO, SWAG, LOL, BFF, and other, less tasteful letters that mean even less tasteful things. Please, save the number sign. If you do, it will give you a virtual cookie.