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july 17
i've decided, my mid year resolution is going to be DRAW MORE!!!
i haven't drawn in a long time now and i kinda miss it....

also... my style is becoming very unstable (mainly due to not drawing for so long)
i don't really know what type of effect i'm aiming for anymore...

i think... i want to keep it to be semi-realistic and lineless
but go for a more messy painting look instead of the very smooth flawless type i have now
we'll see how this works out.. hahaa...
prob gonna be hard to do since i can be such a perfectionist and get lost in the little details

truth be told.. i've always been aiming for a more messy lineless look because i think it's so pretty
but i guess my personality just doesn't suit that type of colouring style... :/
it's really bad cause i tend to waste time going over tedious things people won't even notice