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u never need to give out the email that u used to sine up to gaia.
u should have an email that is in no way Linked to a gaia so u can sill ask friends to email u. with no risk that u will get odd emails.

1. u can't email the gaia server with a code to get free gold or items or any thing. if u do gaia would ban your email for trying to hack them.
But most times u see people talking about this the email will not end in

2. u can't email in to get unband that is what the gaia help center is for.
and it will not cost u a thing if u have proof that it was not u or that it did not brake tos

3. u might get a fake email asking for your pass or with an odd link.
gaia will never need your password. but if u get a Link Look at the address it came from and try to reply to the email. even if it looks real it could still be a scam and there are ways to make it look like it is from gaia but when u hit reply u will see the real address it came from. smilies/icon_twisted.gif