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Life, Gaia, Poems, Enchouragment,Support, And Just Me Being Me.
This is just... A snipet/Sneak peak.

Still getting ideas, but yeah. Kind of more a battle intense story.

"WIRE!! WHERE ARE YOU?!" It muddled foggy though my helmet, Still stunned from the plasma missile.
"Sergant Charles, 'Wire' Gibson, Still in the fight. Everyone else okay?"I Said over our comlink. I Looked at my HUD. My shields, were temporarily drained, My armor, Damaged, And my vitals low. Seems about right. I did feel like crap. I got up, and looked around. Wreckage. Rubble. Skyscrapers, reduced to ashes. My Drop Capsule, Blown apart. That Airstrike from the Covenant, Did some damage.
"Kane, Reporting in."
"Kelly, Still in the fight sir."
"Jackie 'Snow' Tendrin, I can take a few more hits."
"Mike 'Strider' Here, And We have a problem. Another Banshe Airstrike!"
Silence caste over us as we looked around.
I moved my Rifle to my back and took out my Assault rifle, And checked the ammo.
"Mike, What's their position and their ETA?" I called to him over the Mic.
"4 klicks out, headed to us from the north. ETA of About, 3 minutes Sir."
"Can you give us Sniper cover?"
He laughed.
"Yeah no sir. That's TOTALLY not why I have a sniper and extra ammo for it."
"Shut up. Cover your sweetheart, Kelly."
They groaned at the same time. Kelly who was on the ridge with mike, Slided down, And walked up to me.
She pulled out her pistol and tapped my visor with the barrel end.
"Next time you say were dating, im going to shoot you." She turned off the reflective screen, letting me see her face. And god. I wish she kept it on. If eyes could kill, Damn. I would be in the pits of Hell.
"Alright, Alright!" I raised my gun and hands."Won't happen again. In the next hour." I grinned. She sighed, and Snow walked up to me. "Hey Boo, Can you not let her kill you? I would then have to kill her." She giggled and loaded her Pistols, And reloaded her newfound love of the covenant Uzi.
"Jeez. You guys and relationships. This is why I don't get involved in this s**t. Too tedious and gentle. Im the ******** muscle of this team. No time for gentle s**t."Kane mused as he reloaded his Modified Turret, into a LMG.
"ETA 30 seconds." Mike loaded and got ready from his ridge.
"And if I wasn't gentle, While refusing your suit, into a homemade suicide bomb, You'd be dead." Kelly Said throwing a rock at him.
"Mike, Fire shots as soon as their in range." I said Smiling, From the memory of Kane losing his cool.
"Why didn't you tell me 3 Minutes ago! I could have got them!" He yelled, Looking at Me, Moving to glare at me with his blank helmet.
"Well sorry! Jeez." I checked how much compressed fuel was left in the Jetpack I recently picked up. It was filling up, filling with compressed oxygen and hydrogen.
The Banshes broke formation, and Began to rain Hell on us.
We opened fire, Bullets Flying, their plasma weapons firing back. Their small and portable aircraft rolled and dodged.
"Got a Few Grunts and Jackals coming!" Mike's Words were interrupted by the sound of his Rifle going off. Kane Blasted a Banshe out of the sky with a Spartan lazer.
"AWW YEAH BITCHES!!" He screamed, Targeting the Banshes.
"Kane, Where the ******** did you get that?!" He laughed. Over my the rocket launchers and ammo cache. The marines died before they could use them." He took them out, one by one, While I focused on the Jackals, They were fast on their feet. Dodge quickly, shields, and good aiming.
I took out 6 of them, before I realized Kelly and Jackie were gone.
"Kelly, Jackie, Report!" I Yelled, As I crouched behind cover.
"We just went shopping." They rolled around the bend with a Warthog.
"Nice!! How about using the Machine gun turret it has, And help me?" Jackie hopped out of the passengers seat, And twisted to the turret. Kelly kept on driving.
"Hey Sarge, I can see a slightly damaged but functional Pelican from up here. Who can fly? "Mike comented, Shooting and ducking behind cover as they shot back. Kelly Laughed.
"Did you even have to ask dear?"
I Laughed. "And your STILLnot dating after that?" I crouched harder, While plasma shots, and bullets whizzed past. I got tired of sitting, And There a grenade and sprung into action.
One Down. Two down. Click. s**t. My gun had run out of ammo, I had to switch, And I rolled, Switched and hot the grunt in the face.

I took cover again, then I heard clicking.


One thought filled my mind.


I jumped, And ran into the glass room, And ducked. The very spot where I heard the click, exploded. Someone let a grenade before they died. Jackie, mopped up the remain Jackals and grunts. We all hitched a ride on the Warthog, Restocking our ammo, and Resting.
Kelly Hopped into the Pelican once we arrived, And hooked the warthog up to the Pelican dropbay. "Lets go Kelly." I knocked on the cockpit when we were ready. They took off, And I clung on the outer edge, encased we need to drop early.

"Kelly, Take us Home." I told, Relaxing. If I fell off, I could soften my fall with my jetpack I figured.
"Yes sir. Marking route for The Celestial Rain."

Just a preview. Going to start soon.

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    Mon Jul 15, 2013 @ 07:00am

    That was ******** epic man. I honestly can't wait for the full version to come out. : D

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