She walks up to the microphone, preparing herself mentally for the performance. She had already done various shows before, but this one made her nervous for some reason. Was it because he would be there in the audience again, watching her sing and applaud louder than anyone else? She was feeling unsure of herself. But she could not let it get to her. Her fans were counting on the band to give them a show like they always did and this night would be no different. After all, many of the fans in the crowd were some of the same ones who had followed them while they were still just barely known. She wouldn't let them down, COULDN'T, and she would not allow herself to do so. Taking a deep breath, she takes the microphone into her hands as the guitar begins to play. It plays for a few seconds before the bass and drums join in. Looking through her memory, she finds the words to the song and begins to sing...

Looking through the window, everything keeps moving on,
I can't do more, I am done!
Yet you say that isn't so!

Tell me then, why you say that, tell me then, 'cause I don't know
Tell me why I'm so low, tell me what I lack!

The guitar picks up as she enters the chorus. The fans scream and shout as she continues to sing the words. Slowly, they join in and their cheers pierce her to her core. This is what she loved about being a musician, even when they didn't play for big crowds like this one. Just the energy running through the fans and into her was almost like esctacy and she enjoyed every moment.

Angels cry and I don't know why,
Nothing seems to make sense to me.
Tell me, what is it that you see?
You hold the key that unlocks the door,
And I can't help loving you, even more.

While the band continues to play, she looks through the crowd and suddenly spots him staring straight at her. She gets flustered, but catches her breath before anyone notices. She couldn't let him get to her, but somehow, she was glad he was there. Maybe, just maybe, she would dedicate this song to him one day if she ever got the chance to. Right as the guitar and bass returned to the same beat, she continued to sing her song, one she had written when she had been feeling slightly down on a cold, rainy day.

Nothing seems to work out the way it should.
Nothing ever goes back to being the same.
All these things are making me insane!
Oh, I'd leave this place if I could...

Tell me, how do I leave this place?
Tell me, 'cause I don't wanna stay!
Tell me then, is there a way?
Tell me then, why I see your face???

Angels cry and I don't know why?
How could I have been such a fool?
I was only just your tool!
Set me free before it's too late,
for you are the one who controls my fate...

She takes a deep breath, preparing herself for the acoustic part of the song. She looks at him once again, giving him a small smile no one notices except for him. She closes her eyes and continues...

Oh, please, don't go.
Please don't leave me here alone...
for the angels sing in their tone,
praying that you never say no...

Angels cry...
And I don't know why...