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Today was a day in which...
well sometimes hearing osmeone say that they hate what you are hurts when that person means the world to you

i never thought such simple words would leave such a deep scar

but oh well what can i do

its not like you are going to change
you never do
and even less for me...

i wish i could be more open with you with how i feel about myself, about all that is happening to me

i remember once you telling me you wanted me to follow my dreams , to reach all my goals...

i wonder what you would think if i really achived what i really wanted...would you dispise me, hate me even ? or would you try to understand me insted of simply judging me...

i sometimes wish i had the courage to talk about this with more people... but many people are ignorant...they dont understand

I pray for the day when people really became open minded and would place their judgment base on knowlage, no on a simple thougth of what people may think if they believe in something, agree to something that is not the popular believe...

I try to show you what i am... but i need you to be willing to learn to understand me.... not just judge me.... i wish for you to stop being selfish in what you want and your desires , and for once think of what i may want, and what are my desiers....

I feel sadness taking over me when you point your finger at others that are like me, when you say things about me that hurt, or when you simply deny what i adknowadge myself to be ....

i pray of the day that may come, that i can tell you everything ... but for now
i shall wait and see....

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