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Everyday stuff..
My b-day sucked..
my b-day sucked no one remembered it.. except two people i could care less about.. i went to day program that day too.. and people were very rude and disrespectful too me, so i went to bed at 4:30pm when i got home.. i was very depressed and slept for almost a day i woke up at 2:16pm the next day.. then my friend billy called me to come over and play yugioh cards, so i went over there, and i stay in till about 9pm playing yugioh cards.. i didn't realize the time flew by so quickly.. A new yugioh booster pack came out and i was trying to get the 3 egyptain god cards they are the most powerful monsters in the game, besides exoida, but they are limiting all the cards that let you draw cards so that exoida is hard to get all 5 pieces in your hand out of a 40 - 60 card deck.. I saw the ad for the new booster pack on tv and bought a few and no luck.. so I decided to make my own egyptain god monster.. I made my favorite one, slifer the sky dragon, it's pretty cool, except the arms and legs look stupid.. and the wings don't stick out like they are supose to.. i need more wire to put in them.. and the head is too heavy so the head tilts down.. i was a little disapointed with it when i posted it and only one person commented... i felt likew it was a total waste of my time and i felt like a failure in making things.. i know i'm not very good with art.. but the one comment was very mean.. so i deleted it.. but before i deleted it i flaged it.. other then billy buying me those 5 new cards today, everything basically sucked.. i'm going to go stay with my dad from the 17th to the 23rd of this month.. not too excited about that.. but the only thing i like about going over there is that he has faster wi-fi then i do.. other then that he's way boring and doesn't pay much attention to me.. and i can't stand it when people ignore me and aren't really listening or sometimes it bothers me when people could care less about things i say.. so i feel like i shouldn't talk at all..

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