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M4SSACRE here, I decided to help Jacob out by submitting an entry for him. He told me that I should enter an IBYNIMT talk about how it started and why we're writing it. It was a request by... I don't know, he just said so,

How it started:

Kazeshini, Shuhei Hisagi's Zanpakuto, is my favorite character in Bleach. Thus meaning I knew a lot about Kazeshini as well as Shuhei.

Different story, I wanted to create a fan fiction with six OCs, six other people. I gathered six people as we created a Bleach fan fiction together. It's about six friends living in Karakura Town who were reborn from the Soul Society, but still remember the past of being there.

I am still continuing to create a plot with these people, as we are all currently devoted to making it. But since we aren't even typing it out, I decided to do something else, I wanted to create a past story for my OC, Misora.

Why I'm writing it:

It passes the time, and allows me to do what I enjoy most with the anime I love most. Also, that my anime crush is Shuhei. Anime crush, sad, don't judge. Plus, there are tons more people with anime crushes.

Overall, I encourage you to do what you love most. For me, it stimulates a drive and a goal, rather than being lazy like I usually am. Also, it makes me feel positive.

So bye I guess.