Miss Mermaidia
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Love is a cruel wind. Howling when she drifts freely through the world, passing inside the souls of her victims. No matter how warm you may be, the icy lips of Love's kiss will grasp you in a trance. When she reaches her hand to caress your skin, she'll read your weakness and put a curse upon it. The only antidote is with being in love with another, but even this has defects. The other being must love you in return. Her way of connecting two lovers have far worse miserable outcomes than Cupid's enchanting arrows, but in the positive manner, the finishing project could be the most strikingly beautiful thing in this world. Her kiss promises either extreme satisfaction and sexual intimacy, or a savaging wound that leaks aches per second. Your fatal love will be much more astounding than the kiss of an incubus or succubus. Love in vain or endearingly, but either way, be ready for the throbbing of your longing heart... it hurts, trust me...