Hey Everyone I've finally got the 4th story for The Protectors series done!c: So I hope you guys like it!
Genre Of Story: Fantasy/Drama/Family/Romance.

Title Of Story: The Protectors Book Four: Summer's Fires.

"Yes, Mike! I'll marry you!"Lois cheered a she hugged the male fox.

Mike smiled widely and slid the engagement ring onto Lois's finger.

"I love you!"Both Foxes then said unison as they grinned ear from ear, and then kissed each other deeply.... Ever wanting the moment to end.
"I can't believe Freshman year is over!"Rexie barked.

"Me neither,"Wind, Hunnie, Snow and Trixie replied together.

"This is gonna be an awesome summer!"Wind added with delight.

"It sure is,"Rexie agreed as the others smiled brightly.

Then the happy group of friends made their way to Rexie's house... For an evening of none stop fun!

When they arrived at Kairi and Rexie's home the Orange and White nine tailed, opened the door and let her pals inside and then entered after them.

"Hey girls!"Kairi greeted cheerfully as she pulled Rexie into a tight hug.

"Hey, Awesome Master,"Rexie replied as the others greeted the redhead.

"So the last day of school was good then?"Kairi questioned.

"Yep!"The young Foxes howled happily together.

"Hey wheres, Katie?"Rexie added seeing that her older sister... Wasn't in the room with them.

"She's in the living room doing homework,"Kairi answered as she let go of her pet.

"Gosh I'm so happy for her!"Rexie squeaked.

"Same here,"The redhead replied as she pet her Fox gently on the head.
The Princess was busy doing work when suddenly... One of her many guards came running into the room.

"News from South Starlight your highness!"The guard roared.

"Yes?"The Princess asked calmly as she put her papers down.

"It had returned..."The guard Fox responded nervously.

"Find the other guards and go there! I'll meet you there with others!"The Princess ordered.

"Yes your highness!"The guard agreed as he ran out of the room quickly.

Then the Starlight ruled used her magic and picked up her pen and a letter sheet.

"My dearest, Elements of Weather... You all must come to the castle at once..."The Princess wrote.
---Fifteen Minutes Later at Rexie's house---
"Come on we've got to go!"The Amber-eyed Fox growled.

"We're coming, We're coming!"Snow replied as she and the others reached the open front door.

"Good now then le-"However Rexie didn't get to finish her sentence... When she saw Katie, Kairi, and Trixie walking outside.

"We're coming with you guys!"Kairi added.

"Are you sure?"Rex asked knowing that her sister and master both had college classes.

"Yes! We can make up for our school work when we get back! Now come on!"Kairi answered.

And with that... The group headed to catch the next train... To the castle!
"We came as fast as we could!"Rexie barked as she and the others met their ruler, outside of her home.

"Thank you all,"The Princess replied sighing heavily.

"So what mission do we need to go on?"Snow added.

"This mission is for you four to help me protect The Fallen Empire!"Their wise ruled responded.

"The what...?"Everyone else questioned in confusion.

"The Fallen Empire... It was once a land ruled over by a queen named, Queen Of Light... However this ruler had a brother named Shadow... Who wanted to rule over the Empire... So then he got jealous enough he became evil... And gained the power of dark magic! Then he killed his sister and took over the land, and in slaved the Foxes who lived there... During that time... I used all the spells I knew to defeat him... But nothing worked... However until one day I learned how to use Dark Magic without being cursed with it... Using its power I banished the king far from Starlight, but not before he was able to put a curse on the empire... One that caused it to vanish into thin air... It was said that the empire would come back, but no one knew when... So this also means that Shadow might be returning... And if he does... Well he cannot take The Fallen Empire again! Which is why I need all of you to help me protect it... I'll use my protection spell for as long as I can... However not even the elements can save the land... There is said to be a relic called The Empire Star... Which is supposed to keep the land from harm so I need all of you to find it... Shadow had hidden away in the Empire before anyone could look for it,"The Princess explained.

"Don't worry, Princess! We'll find The Empire Star!"Rexie replied.

"Good! Now there's a train awaiting us! So let's get going to The Fallen Empire!"The Fox ruler added.

And with that the others followed their Princess to the train, and climbed a bored wondering... Just how hard this mission would be.

One the way to the Empire Rexie and Trixie began talking, about how the fat fox could lose weight without making herself throw up her food.

"So I think that if you do running, push ups, jumping jacks, and all that stuff for the rest of the summer... Well you might be all nice and fit by the time school starts up again!"Rexie said.

"Sounds pretty promising! And I'm sorry again about... Eh you know making myself throw up my food,"Trixie responded. Thinking back to when Rex had caught her making herself sick in the bathroom.

"It's alright, Trxie! I already told you I'm not mad,"Rexie pointed out.

"I know... But I still feel bad,"The heavy Fox sighed.

"Don't be! It's alright I swear!"Rexie said.

"Oh... Alright then,"Trixie replied as she saw her crush smile a little.

"Good! Now about the mission..."

One the way to The Fallen Empire, Trixie and Rexie talked about the mission... And soon enough everyone else joined in giving their thoughts, on how they could find The Empire Star.

So when the group arrived at The Empire... Well everyone had an idea of where to find the one and only, thing that could ever protect The Empire.

"Okay everyone! We're gonna have to walk to The Empire... It's only-"However The Princess didn't get to finish her sentence... When there was a loud noise... As black smoke suddenly filled the air all over... And there out of the smoke... Came Shadow's head which seemed to be apart of the horrible Black subscene.

Then... Shadow lunged for the group who quickly began to run as fast as they could...

"COME ON WE'VE GOT TO MAKE IT TO THE EMPIRE!"The Princess yelled wanting her subjects to move faster.

"WE'RE RUNNING AS FAST AS WE CAN!"Wind screamed as Shadow began to get insanely close to her!

Then The Empire came into view and everyone ran faster... And luckily for Wind she was able to get far away, from Shadow and made it into The Fallen Empire, but they weren't safe yet... As The Princess turned around and preformed her protection spell... Shadow was almost right outside the large see through, clear, blue shelter that The StarLight Ruler had put up.

"T-That was a close one..."Rexie managed to choke out as the others nodded in agreement.

"Well we better get moving though if we're gonna find The Empire Star!"Snow added.

And then as everyone began to move out across The Fallen Empire... The Princess called the nine tailed Fox, over to her.

"Yes, Princess?"Rexie asked as she walked up the tall, wise ruler.

"I would like you show you how to use Shadow's Dark Magic! Because I beileave that you are the only one, who may know how to find The Empire Star,"The Princess explained.

"But... How would his magic help me?"Rexie asked clearly confused.

"Well... Let's just say for one Shadow may have used his Dark Magic to hide The Empire Star, and well... If that's true I want to give you that chance because I trust you the most with it,"The Fox Ruler responded.

"Alright then! I'll do it!"Rexie replied.

Good now watch me!"The Princess smirked as she began to use The Dark Magic.

The Ruler's eyes went purple and green smoke appeared in the air... Then The Princess was lifted into the air... And then the green smoke hit the ground loudly and three tall, sharp, black rocks suddenly grew on the grass.

"Whoa..."Rexie mumbled as The Princess then broke the black rocks with the dark magic... And then was placed perfectly on the ground.

"And that is how you use Dark Magic!"The Kitsune Ruler said.

"That was amazing! Thanks, Princess!"Rexie cheered.

"No problem! Now go and don't forget to use all the other magic you and friends learned from me, in the past couple of weeks!"The insanely tall crowned Fox added.

"I won't forget I promise!"Rex responded as she ran off to look for The Empire Star.
As Rexie walked into the town of The Empire, she saw that all of the Foxes living there... Looked very depressed.

They walked with their ears back, their tails down, and their heads hung low... Yep they definitely were not in the best of moods.

"I wonder where I should look first,"The nine tailed Fox thought to herself, now wanting The Empire Foxes to feel better as soon as possible.

However... A moment later, Rexie glanced to the left and saw a library beside some shops.

Perfect! A book on The History Of The Fallen Empire, it's sure to help us find The Star in no time!"Rexie cheered brightly as she ran for the building full of books.

When Rex got inside the library she groaned, at the shelves filled with millions of stories.

"Now... I've just to find the history section,"Rexie sighed... Knowing that it was gonna take her a while.

"Okay let's get to it,"Rexie thought as she walked towards the book sections.

And so Rexie began to look through the shelves... Hoping that she'd find something that could help her, and the others as well.

However despite looking for over an hour... Rex could not find the book she had in mind.

"Ugh... I'm never gonna find it!"Rexie hissed.

But then... Just as Rexie felt like giving up... Well a book fell off of one of the now messy shelves, that she had made from insane book searching.

"Oww..."Rex sighed as she picked up the book with her magic.

Then when the nine tailed saw the book that she had been looking for, she grinned widely and then ran out of the book building happily.

"Now then! Time to find out more about The Empire Star!"Rexie smirked as she put the book down, on the sidewalk using her magic and then opened it.

Soon enough Rex had read through the whole book... And had found something out that she'd never known before... The Empire Gift Exchange of love and friendship! It was an event that The Empire Foxes held every year, to renew The Empire Star with hope and love so that they could protect the land from danger!

"This is wonderful information I must get the others!"Rexie thought as she picked up the book... And ran down the streets hoping that her friends and family weren't too far.
Finally Rex had found the others and soon enough... She was explaining everything to them!

"So... I think this would be a good idea! While some of us look for The Star... Well the others can make The Empire Foxes happy!"Rexie barked.

"That sounds amazing! I love it!"The Princess replied.

"I'm glad cause it wasn't easy to find this book,"Rexie responded.

"I can tell! So this is what we're gonna do, I want Katie with Rexie to find The Star while Kairi, Snow, Wind, Trixie, and Hunnie set up the gift exchange as I use my spell to protect The Empire!"The Fox Ruler added.

"Sounds good!Everyone else said in unison.

"Alright then let's get to it!"The Princess said.

And with that Rexie gave Snow, Wind, Hunnie, Kairi, and Trixie the book for the gift giving event, before the nine tailed headed off with her sister.

"So where do you think... It's gonna be?"Katie asked as she walked along with Rexie.

"I'm not sure, but this empire is huge! It could very well be anywhere,"The Amber-eyed fire element answered.

"Yeah that's true,"Kate sighed knowing it was going to take them a while...

"Don't worry though! We'll find The Star soon enough!"Rexie howled.

"I hope you're right, Rexie... I hope you're right,"Kate mumbled under her breath.
"Okay according to the book, The Empire Foxes were given the gifts by their queen... So it looks like we're gonna have to find things to wrap and then put them by the Fox's doors,"Hunnie explained.

"Hmm... Looks like we're gonna have to search for some nice things then,"Wind pointed out.

"So where should we look for some stuff?"Trixie questioned.

"Anywhere,"Hunnie replied as she took another look through the book.

"Well then we better get to it!"Kairi added as she went to search The Empire.

After that Hunnie, Trixie, Snow, and Wind all set out to look for gifts as well!
"Ugh! Where is it!"Rex roared as she looked through one of the many empty shops...

"I'm not sure... I can't find it either!"Katie responded as she looked up from under a table.

"Let's go look somewhere else!"Rexie ordered as she headed for the door. Kate sighed heavily and then followed her sister outside.
Soon enough Trixie, Hunnie, Wind, Snow, and Kairi all found good gifts, for The Empire Foxes to give to each other.

"Okay looks like we've got everything ready! So how should we get them out here?"Wind asked.

"Hmm... Well we could use this thing I found it around a store... And well I took it for a gift, but turns out we had enough already,"Snow replied looking at the Flugelhorn next to her.

"Sounds good! Blow into it man!"Wind laughed.

Hunnie rolled her eyes and then picked it up with her magic... Then put the object to her mouth and blew into it loudly.

With hearing the booming noise... All of The Empire Foxes began to open their doors and step outside.

"Hello! The Princess of Peace does invite you to attend The Empire Gift Exchange!"Wind yelled.

The Empire Foxes then smiled as they ran to the big pile of gifts, as Wind, Snow, Hunnie, Kairi, and Trixie all stepped back watching The Foxes begin to give to one another, talk happily, and laugh.

"Perfect!"The group said together in a whisper as they all high fived.

"Well looks like everything's in order!"A voice said from behind.

"Princess! We did it!"Wind cheered as she and the others ran up to their ruler.

"I'm very glad..."The Kitsune Ruler said slowly.

"Are you okay?"Wind added with concern.

"It's just... This protection spell has been making me real tired.... I don't know how much longer It'll be able to work... And its strange because I can control the spell for a long time... But for some reason its fading,"The Princess explained.

"But Rexie and Katie haven't found The Star yet!"Kairi pointed out.

"I know... But if they don't find it soon... Well there will be no way to stop Shadow..."The Ruler sighed.

"Well do you want us to go help them?"Snow suggested.

"No you all need to stay here and keep The Empire Foxes happy! They could very well find The Star anyway,"The Princess responded.
While Kate searched a book store for the star, Rexie was outside looking around... Trying to get an idea of where the object could be. Then suddenly as she looked around, The Orange and White nine tailed glanced up at the near by Castle... And her eyes widened as she got an idea.

"Katie! Come on I think I know where The Empire Heart is!"Rexie cheered as she ran into the bookstore, where her older sister was looking around in.

"Where?"The older she-fox asked as she got up and followed Rex out of the store.

"The Castle!"Rexie howled in delight as she began head towards it.

"Hey! Wait for me!"Kate added as she tried to catch up with her younger sister.

"So are you sure it might be here?"The green-eyed fox questioned.

"Yes! Because Shadow would've been counting on the fact, that no one would dear coming looking for it here!"Rexie barked as they arrived outside of the Castle.

"Well... Alright then,"Kate said as Rex led her inside.

---Back At The Gift Exchange---
"So how much longer until your magic fades?"Wind questioned nervously.

"N-Not much longer... I think the spell is wearing out because of Shadow,"The Princess responded.

"Is there another spell you could do?"Wind added as she bit down on her lower lip.

"Sadly there isn't,"The Kitsune Ruler sighed in response.

"It's fine, Princess! You're under a lot of stress right now! Just try and relax!Snow squeaked as she dragged Wind away.

"Okay what are we gonna do?"Wind groaned as she looked up at her sister.

"I'm not sure, but we'll think of something... Come on let's go see how the others are doing!"The white furred Fox sighed.
---Back At The Castle---
Katie and Rexie were running around like crazy... Trying to figure out where The Empire Star might be... But sadly no matter where they looked it wasn't there.

"We're never gonna find it!"Kate groaned.

"Kate we'r-"However Rexie did not get to finish her sentence... When she remembered what The Princess taught her... Shadow's Dark Magic... Which could somehow help her find The Star!

"Of course! I've got it! Katie, stand back for a minute..."Rexie howled.

"Uh... Okay,"Kate responded as she backed up from her sister.

Then Rex began to use Shadow's Dark Magic... Her eyes turned purple, the green smoke appeared in the air... she felt herself being lifted from the ground... And then the green smoke hit the castle floor and suddenly... The ground melted and under neath it came a dark black staircase... Which appeared to be very long.

"Wow... Where did you learn that?"Katie asked in pure shock.

"That was a little trick The Princess taught me,"Rexie answered as she hoped onto the stair case.

Then Kate gulped as she took a closer look at the stairs... Not long was the stair case very long... It went so far into the darkness you couldn't see how far down it went.

"You stay here!"Rexie added as she began to walk down the stairs.

"Okay!"Katie replied as she watched Rex walk down the stair case carefully.

Rexie sighed as she stepped slowly onto the stairs... It was so dark she could barely see a thing, but knew that she had to take a risk in order to save The Empire.

"Just one stair at a time, Rex..."The Nine Tailed thought to herself as she walked down them.

"Sis, Are you okay!?"Kate called from the top of the stair case.

"I'm fine!"Rexie yelled back to her sister as she kept her eyes, on the stairs... Trying to make sure she wouldn't trip or fall.

"If only it wasn't so dark... Then I could use my magic,"Rexie muttered under her breath, as she continued to take slow steps down the stairs.

And so Rexie just kept walking down the stair case very carefully... Hoping that soon enough she'd reach the bottom.

---Fifteen Minutes Later---
Rex's paws were aching... It had taken the Fox fifteen minutes to walk down the stair case, and now as she walked off of the deep dark steps she crashed onto the floor.

"I'm so tired..."Rexie groaned to herself as she stood back up, knowing that she couldn't waste anytime resting even though she wanted to.

Then as The Amber-Eyed Fox looked around the dark room... She saw a door that would seem to lead to another castle room.

"Yes!"Rex cheered to herself as she ran over to the door, hoping that The Empire Heart would be on the other side!

However as she went to open the door with her magic... Suddenly it began to move to the other side of the room...

"What the heck..."Rexie thought as she ran to catch the moving door.

However the door was moving too fast for the nine tailed... So Rexie used Shadow's Dark Magic which stopped the moving gateway... It then opened allowing her to run into the next room.

However... As The Fox entered the room... She found herself back at her house, in her living room where she saw Kairi.

"Huh?"Rexie thought to herself as she saw her surroundings.

"What are you doing here!?"The Redhead asked as she glared at the fox.

"I don't know... I opened the door and-"But Rexie didn't get to finish her sentence... When her master cut off.

"And now you must go! I don't need you anymore..."Kairi replied harshly.

"But... Why?"Rexie questioned as she stood there frozen in shock.

"Because... I've got him again,"The human girl answered as a guy who was wearing, skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and shoes, who had green eyes and white hair entered the room.

"Max..."Rex mumbled under her breath as she began to sob on the floor.
"Rexie! Rexie!" Katie yelled as she came walking down the stairs quickly... The Orange and White Fox shook her head back and forth... And found herself sitting in front of the door which she used The Dark Magic on...

"I know you told me to stay up there, but you were down here for so long and you weren't answering when I called for you! So I got worried and I came down here and you were just staring at that door..."Kate added.

"And why were you looking at it? I mean it's just a door..."The older Fox said as her sister backed away from it.

Then Katie who was now confused walked up the door slowly and looked at it... Then suddenly a green light glowed from the top and the older sister's eyes turned black.

"Lake vill... But how did I get-" What! No please Rexie! Don't kick me out!"Katie screamed as tears filled her eyes, but before she could see anymore... Her surroundings changed back to the dark room seeing that her little sister had kicked the door shut.

"Shadow's Dark Magic... A door way that leads to your worst fear!"Rex barked as she looked up at it.

"Yo-You said you were kicking me out! Sending me back to mom..."Kate stuttered as she shaked in fear.

"I'm never gonna kick you out or send you back to mom!"Rexie responded as she pulled Katie into a hug.

Kate smiled as she relaxed and hugged Rex back... Happy that the scene she had saw wasn't real.

"Now then let's do this the right now!"Rexie howled as she used her own magic, and opened the door that not move away anymore.

"So... What was your worst fear?"Kate asked nervously as Rexie walked through the door, that now led to another room.

"It was about Max... For some reason he was at our house... And Kairi was with him again so she wanted me gone..."Rexie managed to choke out as she looked around the new room.

"I'm so sorry you had to see that!"Kate said.

"It's fine... It wasn't real,"Rexie slowly responded as she eyed a glass cabinet, on the other side of the room.

The Amber-Eyed Fox walked over it and looked closer... Seeing that The Empire Star was inside...

"Kate! It's here! It's really here!"Rexie cheered as she jumped up and down.

"Well get it out already!"Kate added as she smiled happy that they had found it.

"I'm getting it, I'm getting it!"Rex smirked as she used her magic to open the cabinet doors.

However... As soon as the doors opened... Sharp, Dark, and Tall Rocks suddenly came out of the floor... Caused the cabinet to break, which sent The Empire Star flying across the room as Rexie found herself trapped in the middle of the tall dark magic rocks that now surrounded her.

"Where is The Empire Star!"Rex cried as she began to panic.

"It's right here! I was able to catch it!"Katie answered.

"Kate! Bring The Star to the Empire Foxes! We're not sure how everyone's doing out there... They might really need us! I just have to find a way to escape this trap,"The younger Fox said.

"On it!"Katie replied as she grabbed The Empire Star in her mouth, and ran out of the room hoping that her sister would be okay.

Then Katie's eyed went wide as she reached The Stair Case... Still as dark as ever... It was now her turn to take a risk in order to save The Empire.

And so the college aged Fox began up the stairs carefully, but then started to walk as quickly as she could... Knowing she had to get it to The Empire Foxes.

---At The Gift Exchange---
Everyone had finished passing out gifts... So the Empire Foxes were now talking to one another... And had no idea that their home was under attack again.

"I-I won't be able to preform my spell for much longer..."The Princess said weakly as she fell to the ground.

"It's okay... Just remain calm!"Kairi responded as she and the others, watched their ruler with worry...

"Oh come on Rexie and Katie! Where are you two..."The Kitsune Ruler thought to herself... As she tried her best to hang on.
---Five Minutes Later---
Meanwhile back in the castle ... Kate had just gotten up the stairs and ran as fast as she could... Just wanting to get The Star outside.

However as she got out of the castle... The sight before Kate made her freeze in her tracks... Shadow was attacking The Empire... Everyone was demanding The Empire Star as they gathered by the town square

"Here I've got it!"Kate yelled as she came running over to The Empire Foxes.

Then Snow, Wind, Kairi, Trixie, Hunnie, and The Princess who were standing together... As Shadow slowly walked towards them looked up to see The Star.

Shadow then growled as he saw Katie... His body was now not smoke, but full Fox... Katie noticed this as she got closer to the Empire Foxes. But the evil male wasn't about to let some other person take his power from him... So he ran towards the female Fox who began to run faster away from him and threw The Star to The Empire Foxes... One of them caught it, and then they threw it into the air as a bright light shined from it. As that happened Shadow had nearly caught Kate when he stopped running... He saw the light and gulped... Then suddenly The Empire glowed all over and high winds picked up... This sent Shadow flying away into the air, and The Star floated back down where a glass stand appeared, and The Empire Star sat its self perfectly on top. Everyone began to cheer loudly as then Shadow's body broke into pieces... He was dead and The Empire was safe.

And in the castle The Dark Rocks from The Dark Magic had broken, so Rexie quickly made her way to the stairs ready to get outside.
"Goodness! This was really something,"Snow squeaked.

"It sure was,"Wind responded as she walked beside her sister.

Everyone was chatting up a storm as they left The Empire, everything was now perfect and sorted out. Since The Star had been found The Empire was safe! And The Princess decided to not have anyone ruler over The Empire, so instead she would watch over it as she did for The Rest of StarLight!

So everyone boarded the train... The Princess Of Peace headed back to her castle, as the others headed for Lake Vill thankful to finally be going home.

---Three Days Later In Lake Vill---
After returning home Rexie began to help Trixie lose weight, just as they planned to do. Katie and Kairi went back to school and caught up with lessons they missed while away. Snow, Wind, and Hunnie all relaxed, and of course hung out with the others, Leo and Weezy had began to move into a house they got in Lake Vill, happy to be near their sisters who was helping them move in! Yep everything was fine...

"So where do you guys want this?"Rexie asked as she picked up the box, from Weezy and Leo's car.

"In the kitchen please!"Leo answered as helped Weezy pull some more bins out of the trunk.

"Got it!"Rex replied as she padded over to the front door. Once inside the nine tailed Fox went to the kitchen, and put the box down. Both her and Katie were every excited to have their big brothers live in the same town, ever since they found out about them they really wanted to get know them better.

"Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get here! I had to finish homework,"Katie said as she walked up to Weezy and Leo.

"It's fine, sis! Here take this bin and put it in the basement,"Leo responded as he pointed to one of the many, large and heavy things they had to carry inside.

"On the go!"Katie smirked as she grabbed the bin and began to drag to the door.

"Hey sis!"Rexie greeted as she stepped outside. "Here let me help ya out!"The younger Fox added as she used her magic, and made the bin float right through the air and into the house.

"Thanks, Rex!"Katie barked as she walked into the house with ease.

"No problem! So where do they want this?"Rex replied.

"In the basement... Mind helping me out?"Kate sighed.

"Not at all!"Rexie howled as she used her magic once again, to make the bin lift off of the ground and sent it down the basement stairs where it landed on the floor perfectly.

"Thanks!"Kate cheered as she hugged her sister.

"You're welcome,"Rexie smiled as she hugged her sister back.

"Alright now let's get back to work!"Katie said.

"Yes let's!"Rex agreed as she followed her older sis outside.

---Five Hours Later---
Weezy and Leo finally had everything unpacked in their new home, and so they along with Kate and Rexie relaxed in the living room after a hard day's work.

"So when are you two going to start going to college around here?"Katie questioned.

"We're planning on starting next week!"Weezy answered with joy in his voice.

"Awesome! Cause our college here is great!"Kate responded grinning from ear to ear.

"So we've heard,"Leo added as Rexie let out a yawn.

"Gosh... Today has been exhausting,"The Amber-Eyed Fox groaned.

"Yeah we all worked really hard today,"Leo replied as he too let out a yawn.

"I'd say! My gosh we've never had such a hard move,"Weezy pointed out.

"Indeed we haven't!Leo said as he put his head back against the sofa.

"Well we better get going now! It's nearly nine and Kairi doesn't like me out too late,"Rex added.

"Alright night night you two!"Leo and Weezy responded in unison as their sisters gave both of them a hug.

"Night!"Katie and Rexie said together as they left their brother's house.

"Hey you two!"Kairi greeted as Kate and Rex walked through the door.

"Hey!"The sisters greeted back with a hint of tiredness.

"Long day huh?"Kairi asked as she bent down and picked up Rexie.

"Very!"Kate hissed as she yawned loudly.

"Why don't I fix us all a nice dinner before bed?"The redhead suggested.

"I'd love that!"Rex squeaked as she nuzzled her master, who smiled at the act of affection.

"Alright! I'll get dinner cooking!"Kairi smirked as she kissed Rex on the forehead, and then set her down the floor gently.

And with that the human girl left went to the kitchen, while Rexie and Kate went into the living room to watch TV.

"So whatcha wanna watch?"Katie questioned as she looked through the guide.

"Degrassi?"Rexie answered as she smiled brightly.

"Sounds good!"Kate replied knowing the show was always good. So she picked an episode from on demand, that her and Rexie hadn't seen yet.

Soon enough though dinner was ready! So Kairi, Katie, and Rex all ate and then talked for a while, but soon as the time got around midnight the three went to bed.

"Hey! Cuddle time tonight!?"Kairi said as she picked her little Fox up, before she could follow her sis up the stairs.

"Of course!"Rexie squeaked cheerfully. "Well goodnight then, Rex!"Katie called from a new stairs up, hearing that she'd be getting the room she shared with her sister to herself.

"Night, Katie!"Rex responded as Kairi began to walk upstairs.

Once they reached Kairi's room the redhead put her pet down on the bed, then went to change and brush her teeth.

When Kairi got back to the bedroom, Rexie was all curled up fast asleep under the covers. The girl couldn't help but smile at her pet... Rex was really adorable. And so Kairi got in bed, pulled her little Fox into her arms and held her tight as she too fell asleep.

---The Next Day---
As morning arrived everyone awoke for the start of a new day! Rexie left the house around Nine to go help Trixie, with her weight problem while Kairi and Kate got ready for their classes.

"Alright! Run five laps up and down the sidewalk!"Rex ordered.

Trixie nodded and then took off down the street... The nine tailed Fox watched her friend carefully. She was still so fat... And couldn't run fast at all, but Rexie still had faith in making Trixie skinny again.

It took Trixie ten minutes to run up and down the sidewalk five times... She had to stop and catch her breath a lot.

"Well done! Now let's get on and ten push ups!"Rexie barked.

"Very well..."Trixie sighed as she got down on her tummy, and began pushed herself up as high as she could go.

"Come on... I know you can do this girl!"Rexie cheered as her friend slowly, but surely did the push ups.

---Later That Day---
Snow, Wind, Hunnie, Trixie, Leo, and Weezy were all at Katie, Rexie's and Kairi's home. Everyone was hanging out, laughing, and talking! However at one point... There was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!"Katie said as she jumped up from her chair, and padded out of the living room.

Then Kate reached the front door... Opened it and right there stood Mike and Lois. The young adult Fox froze for a moment as she looked at them. What were they at her house for!?

"Um... Can I help you?"Katie growled as she glared at her parents.

"Katie! We're hear be-"However Lois did not get to finish her sentence... When all of the sudden everyone else walked up to the door.

"Mom... Dad..."Weezy and Leo managed to choke out... As Rex who was scared as hell of her father, stayed right beside Kairi who had an arm around her protectively.

"Leo, Weezy my sons! What are you two doing here?"Mike asked as he went to step inside the house.

"HEY! YOU'RE NOT COMING IN HERE!"Kate snarled as she stood in her father's way.

"Fine..."Mike hissed as he shook his head.

"Look! What do you two want!"Kairi added sharply.

"Well we wanted to tell Kate and Rexie that we're getting married again!"Lois answered as she hugged Mike.

"WHAT!"Everyone yelled in unison.

"That's right! Lois and I have been dating and realized we are meant to be together!"Mike cheered.


"Would you and your sister just come to the wedding?"Mike pleaded.


"DON'T YOU YELL AT MY SISTER!"Snow hissed as anger took over her whole being.

"I'll YELL AT HER IF I WANT TO!"Mike yelled as he now glared at Snow.


"FINE!"Mike screamed as he and Lois turned and walked away from the house.

And with that Kate slammed the front door closed... Made sure it was locked and then sighed heavily.

No one really knew what to say at that point... Everyone just stayed quiet standing there by the door...

However the silence was soon broken when Rex began to sob. "Shh It's gonna be okay, Sweeite.."Kairi said gently as she pulled Rexie in for a hug.

"Well... If I could I'd go and hit Rexie's parents with a baseball bat..."Wind mumbled under her breath.

Hunnie, Snow, and Trixie all glanced at each other with worried looks... They hated this as much as Wind did.

"I can't believe this! Why would they do such a thing!"Kate roared as Leo and Weezy sighed.

"Cause they're stupid?..."Leo answered as he shook his head back and fourth.

"They're even more messed up then I thought! Showing up here and wanting Rex and Kate at the wedding!"Weezy hissed as his blood boiled with anger.

"And I thought my dad was horrible!"Trixie growled as she looked over at Rexie, who was still sobbing in Kairi's arms. The fat Fox wanted nothing more than to go over to her crush and comfort her... But seeing that her master was already doing that... Trixie knew she couldn't do anything.

------------One Week Later---------------
Ever since seeing how much pain Rex was now in, due to her parents getting married again... Well Trixie began to work out everyday! More then ever before! Because Trixie knew that Rex was stressed, and what better way to ease some of it than taking some time to do work outs yourself, so your friend could stay at home and relax?

"Yes! I can do this! I can do this!! I've already lost five pounds!"Trixie cheered to herself as she ran up, and down the streets of Lake Vill.

"Rex! Lunch is ready!"Kairi called from the bottom of the stair case.

"Coming!"Rexie responded as she headed down the kitchen, where Kate was already seated as Kairi put the food on the table.

"Doesn't this look amazing!?"Katie asked as Rex sat down and saw the fruit salad, sandwich's, and nice cold glasses of ice tea.

"It sure does,"Rexie replied as she smiled a little bit.

---Back In Cinder Valley---
Lois was over at Mike's house they hadn't moved in with each other yet, but they still spent a lot of nights together.

However... Ever since the day that Lois and Mike, had gone to Kate, Kairi, and Rexie's house the mother Fox was feeling a bit guilty... And had also been thinking about marriage... Realizing that Katie was right! She was being stupid... Mike was dangerous she couldn't marry him!

As all these thoughts were going through her mind, Lois knew she had to tell Mike as soon as possible... So when he came back into the kitchen after using the bathroom... Well the female Fox sighed and let it out.

"Mike, we can't get married... I've been thinking about what Kate said and well... She's right! I can't marry you!So much has happened it wouldn't work... Plus I need to put our daughters and sons first! I'm sorry, but the engagement is off!"Lois said as she took the ring off of the her right paw's left finger, placed it on the kitchen table, grabbed her bag and headed for the door, but before she was out the door... Mike spoke up.


"I won't let you do anything, Mike!"Lois thought to herself as she headed right for Lake Vill... Knowing she had to fix the biggest mistake she ever made.
It was about ten at night... Kate, Rexie, Kairi, Leo, and Weezy were all in the kitchen chatting, when they heard someone knock three times on the front door.

"I think I'll get it this time!"Rex smirked as she walked out of the kitchen.

Then the Orange and White Furred Fox reached the door, and opened it up to see her mom standing there.


"Oh mom..."Rex replied as she pulled the older Fox in for a hug.

"I'm so sorry!"Lois added as looked up to see Katie, Kairi, Weezy, and Leo standing there.

"Oh... My dears!"The mother Fox added as she ran to her sons, and other daughter... Bringing all three of them into a hug like no other.

"Hey it's okay mom! I forgive you!"Kate responded.

"I do too!"Leo, Weezy, and Rexie agreed in unison as Kairi smiled at the family before her.

"Also Weezy and Leo... I would like spend more time with you two! You're my sons I want to put you both, along with your sisters before anyone else!"Lois sqeaked as she pulled away from her oldest daughter, and two sons.

"Sounds like a plan!"The two male Fox replied.

And with that... Everything for Rex's family went back to normal! Katie moved back to Cinder Valley to be with her mom, got a job and went to Cinder Valley College! Leo, Weezy, and Rexie visited a lot! Snow, Wind, Hunnie, Trixie, and Rexie went on enjoying their summer! And soon enough in late June... Trixie was now skinny again! She looked great and was a lot happier.

But everything was about to go from Perfect... To down right ugly...

One night Rexie and Trixie were out on a walk together, just strolling through town, talking, and having a lot of fun when they wanted to cross the street and head back to Rex's house... They waited for the walking signal so they could cross safely, but... A car who was being driven by a drunk driver drove through the red light, just as Trixie and Rexie were walking across the road... When the two Foxes saw the car they tried to make a run for it, but the car was getting too close... So Trixie pushed her friend out of danger's reach... Sending her landing on the sidewalk, and just as Rex was getting up she heard a loud scream and as she turned around she saw Trixie laying there... Covered in blood... Looking as lifeless as ever.

"NO!"Rexie cried as she ran over to her friend. "COME ON, TRIXIE WAKE UP! WAKE UP!"The Fox yelled as her eyes filled with tears.

But there was no answer... And there never would be...

---Two Weeks Later---
Everyone was back at school beginning a new year of learning! Rexie, Snow, Wind, and Hunnie were now Sophomores in High School. But the end of summer break was horrible... Trixie had died, Rexie had fallen into a deep depression and still wasn't out of it yet... Also the funeral did not help... It only brought more tears, and even Trixie's dad came to the ceremony where he cried, and was telling everyone how he should never of abused his daughter. Just a lot had happened... Snow, Wind, and Hunnie were all very sad too, but no one took it as bad as Rex did... The day after Trixie's death... Rex confessed that she had a crush on her dead friend, which led to all four elements of weather telling one another that they all were indeed bisexual and all had girl crushes before, as well as guy ones.

So the four friends joined in a group hug, promising to always stick together no matter what! Through all of the fire's that were to ever come their way.