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Journal Log of Dr. Nega
Some minor updates for World Domonation
Saga Wars Progress Updates
[Fanfiction Link]
Set in an alternate universe where comic books meet the games. Some names and characters may have been altered, but it's the best way for the reading experince. I don't own anything from Sonic besides Natalie and what may other OC's would appear in the Fanfiction.

I-Robo Wars (Sonic Heroes Adaption):
Team Sonic: Opening movie done. [Chapter 17]
Team Dark: Open movie done. [Chapter 15+16]
Team Rose: Prolouge done. [Chapter 13]
Team Chaotix: Opening movie done. [Chapter 18]

(Currently on Hintas until I moved to my new home)

II-Mecha Wars
I'd work on this story long before RW, however most of the story has been lost on my old pc. I still do however snippits of my rough draft back in the day.

III-Nega Wars
I have a pretty good idea what to do here thanks to a rp I did with a friend. Most of my profile is a good start to this story.

The Negative EGG Zone
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The Negative EGG Zone
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    The Negative EGG Zone
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    commentCommented on: Thu Jul 18, 2013 @ 08:24pm
    Saga Wars Alternate Names and Ages:
    (I-Robo Wars)

    Since I'm combining 2 media universes in this fanfiction; names and ages will be altered.

    Team Sonic
    Oliver "Sonic" the Hedgehog: 20
    Miles "Tails" Prower: 11
    Knuckles the Echidna: (Since he's the last of his kind, his egg was irradated with the power of The Master Emerald. Knuckles is immortal, but not inderstructable. He's over thousands of years old, but he only appears to be in his late teens or earily twenties.)

    Team Dark
    Shadow the Hedgehog: 50+ (He's older then Dr. Robotnik)
    Rouge the Bat: 21
    E-123 Omega: (He being devolope during the beginning of the story.)

    Team Rose
    Amy Rose Hedgehog: 18
    Cream the Rabbit: 9
    Big the Cat: 18

    Team Chaotix
    Espio the Chameleon: (Ninja don't reveal. He's roughly around his late teens to earily twenties.)
    Charmy Bee: 6
    Vector the Crocodile: 34

    Mighty the Armadillo: 21
    Ray the Flying Squriel: 17 (although he's not in the fanfiction by this point, I thought it was nice to add him anyway. ^^; )

    Dr. Simon Julian "Eggman" Robotnik: 56
    Vanilla the Rabbit: 32
    Natalie Robotnk: 11
    Gizmo: 5 (Curent life cycle. Times transformed unknown.)
    Sonia Hedgehog: 20

    commentCommented on: Thu Jul 18, 2013 @ 08:45pm
    Saga Wars Alternate Names and Ages:
    (II-Mecha Wars)

    One year has passed since this story arc and the sequals afterwards. This will be mainly focus on SATAM/Archie Comicbook characters.

    Maurice "Steaks" the Hedgehog: 14
    Miles Prower: 8
    Sally Alica Acorn: 15
    Bunnie Rabbot: 16
    Antonie D'Coolette: 14
    Rotor Walrus: 19

    Dr. Julian Simon Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik: 46
    Colin "Snively" Kintobor Jr.: 31

    The Negative EGG Zone
    Community Member
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