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Megaville new age of heroes!
Death Battle!Number 1!!
In the Universe there are many of girls who have fought for justice and given their lives for it!
But were about let loose probably two the most independent women in our roster to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Himoka,the light-headed free-spirited wrestler!
Akane,the silly but strong hearted police officer!

Name:Akane(Last name unkown)

Weapons:Pistol,taser,fake pistol,tailosmans.

Bio:Akane is 17/18 year old cop who works for JP Interpole.She is general known for her kindness rather than being a kick a** cop.Her fathers death was her inspiration for becoming a cop,though her goals are mostly unknown.But Akane is more than your average big chested cop,she is the actually the distant reincarnation of Queen Cleopatra!And as so,she can use ablilty tailosman.Which with everyone she gains a new ability or trait.
She is also an excellent fighter,using martial arts as her offense!She is also smarter than you would think and would surely be some what of a threat......some what....
But she is not perfect,even though she has all this.Most of the time Akane is either nude in series or just plain stupid!
Her greatest fault comes from the fact that she is pretty much a choke artist and never seems to get the job done without someone saving her!
Everytime she thinks she has something under control it's either ruined by herself or someone else.
Plus she mostly shoots her pistol with her eyes closed.......even though she can shoot just fine.....


Name:Himoka Attatari

Nicknames:The "A" list,The immortal wrestler,Champion Pheonix.

Bio:Himoka Attatari is the daughter of the legendary pro wrestler "The Final Battle" and as such she a female wrestler in W.F.F..(Wrestling,Female,Federation.)
She is extremely light-headed and can be a complete IDIOT at times,but then again she can also be most brilliant fighter ever!Himoka is most tricky indeed,playing off the fact that she's "DUMB" as a ruse sometimes and surprising foes with a flurry of offense!
And as being the daughter of "The Final Battle" she is also trained in martial arts!
Knowing over 3 different styles,and 2 stances!From her casual wrestling stance to her most deadly stance,"Opener Stance".It's the stance where she sets up for the "Himoka Rush Down",her famous finishing move!
Though her most common way of taking someone out is just a good old fashion knee to the face called "The Morning Star"!
In stamina Himoka's one of the best!She is completely in control of her body,winning a marathon,and TWO triathlon!
She can even slow the pace of her heart to avoid bleeding from fatal injuries!
But that doesn't help her forgeting!I'ts rare and few but she can even be as dumb enough to forget something the second you tell her.
And sometimes forget WHAT SHE'S DOING......!!

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