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OMGay Sorry.
I just came back from Anime Expo 2013. Like damn, Shelia and Sylar were there, and so was Oz.

M4SSACRE and I will be uploading a new IBYNIMT soon this week.

Also, for my friends on Quizilla who always PM me about the journal entries, don't be shy to comment on them.

Sorry I couldn't add any entries after the sixth, I was there for only 3 days and I had sleep deprivation because driving to LA is crazy and being there is crazy. It happened Jul 4 - Jul 7. I came back on my trip on the 4th, then went there on the 5th, stayed there. Went to McDonald's on the 6th to add an entry. Then was there on the 7th for a little bit then left. Then I slept all day on the 8th, and now i'm here, on the 9th at 1am in the morning.

Sorry emotion_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

I'll be sure to submit two later today, my homegirls on Quizilla requested a Bleach talk and a IBYNIMT talk.

Alrighty emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif