Miss Mermaidia
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Love. The emotion which I try to avoid, but somehow, you're bringing it to my surface and through my shell again. The thick cover I used to protect myself from the shards left on the floor by my shattered heart is what I used to veil myself from the agonizing poison of love. The jagged glass of my broken fragile heart would slice my bare feet when I would step absentmindedly. I didn't care though. I saw no point in recovering something or putting the effort to mend a wound. It won't change anything. I just shuffled my blood tainted feet to a place unknown and sat there. Soon enough, my red glitter bits were drifted by the wind's flowing current. I was visited by many, but my cold spirit sent them away. I tried to love again, but I gave up on the concept because the ache of it was indefinitely painful. I've tried to allow others into my love bubble, but I was tired of this game. Interests became friends, then to acquaintances, and finally, strangers. But you are different. Instead of letting us drift apart, you brought back a puzzle piece of my heart. And now I just stare at it, and then back at you. I smile. You leave, and the next day, you return with another one of my lost shards. Sometimes you wouldn't show up after the preceding day, but when you did come, you always brought a missing piece, and then you were off again. Maybe you will complete what was once whole, and I will be able to trust another wholeheartedly. It would be nice to think like I used to before. When I was naive and I trusted everyone and everything, but it's not like that anymore. Until the last piece is found, and my heart is repaired completely, maybe, just maybe, we can be together...