Tranquil Fears
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I've been meaning to write something in here for a while, I just never had an internet connection that stuck around. Anyways, I went for a run yesterday afternoon: Bad running. Went for a run this morning, same thing. It sucked. I have a few possible reasons why my running isn't working out as well as it used to be. 1.) Lack of nutrients 2.)Warmer weather 3.) There is black mold that the landlord hasn't gotten rid of. 4.) Asthma 5.) All the above.
I am worried about the black mold, it showed up maybe a week or two ago and my running as been on a decline since I spotted it. If it is what's affecting me, then I worry about my pup too. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif If it's bothering me it has to be bothering him as well. At least he doesn't have lung issues... I hope. He doesn't appear to be affected, but he never seems to be affected by anything. smilies/icon_stressed.gif

On another note, I made my grandparents dinner last night. Nothing special, just BBQ chicken, veggies and some potatoes all cooked on the BBQ. Was yummy. I thought it would be nice to give my nana a day off from making supper and a good reason to visit them. smilies/icon_heart.gif I'm going to try and make a habit out of it, once a week going and making them supper. Almost like a sunday dinner type thing. It was the end of my weekend. smilies/icon_crying.gif They really are never long enough. *sigh* I guess that was vacations are when you get them, if you can get them.

I have to wrap this up I have to leave for work. I'm ready for bed again. smilies/icon_sad.gif oh well, I can sleep later.