Aura Wintergreen
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Father Dearest
So father dearest you hear from my step-sister and you think "hmm better contact my children?" So you ring my brother and finally me.

Here's the thing though father dearest, my step-sister contacted you about university information. Is my brother going to uni or looking at going to uni again....Lemme think, um NO. Am i considering uni? YES.

But father dearest you also forget what I told you. That I may not even apply to the first round offers anyway and that I want to get through the course before deciding what to do.
Yes, you were just trying to help but father dearest, even when you help, I'm always last on you list. Always the one that you're reluctant to help.

So you see father dearest, I get annoyed. I get annoyed because I feel like you don't listen to me father dearest. I've told you this before but clearly you weren't listening.

Why do I bother father dearest, just tell me why?"