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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
Story Update for Darla
last updated: 7.3.13

One night she is awoken in the middle of the night, Darla wakes to find a mysterious letter, she opens it and it's an invitation to a Masquerade hosted by Acheron. She feels a presence in the room...she grabs a sword, but sees no one. She shrugs it off..but is creeped out. She hates Acheron but decides she will attend the masquerade which is a month away, and oddly enough is the same date as her 20th birthday.

Finally, the day of the Masquerade has come, when she arrives she is greeted by Acheron, who kisses her hand, wishing her a happy birthday. She is suspicious..he must be up to something...

She shrugs off her intuition, which is screaming for her to leave the Masquerade..but she stays. Acheron introduces her as the main quest and announces her birthday and is acting unusually nice to her...He offers her a drink she sips it, and that is the last thing she remembers.
Darla regains consciousness...not sure what happened, she realizes that she is naked and her skin is paler. She does not remember anything...except that it was her birthday. She is in a state of panic as she analyzes the room. It is dark and there is blood everywhere, and she sees Acheron's body staked through the heart. As she looks at his face, she suddenly remembers the events from earlier that night.

She remembers Acheron's greeting, announcement and for some reason even dancing with him. She remembered that she felt like she was under some kind of spell ever since she first saw Acheron that night. After dancing, Acheron offered to go get her a drink, and she danced with a few other co-workers. When he returned, she drank the sparking punch, and all of a sudden she felt dizzy and passed out.

Once she was conscious again, she was in the same room she was in now, except it wasn't as dark. There were candles and Acheron stood across the room looking at her with an indescribable look in his face. She was laying on a bed that had black silk sheets, and she realized she was naked. "W-what is going on Acheron?" she asked, as her feelings of suspicion returned, "and where is my dress..?" Acheron looked at her, his face distorted into one going insane "You are finally mine, you will be mine and you will join me by my side forever!" he shouted. "Don't worry about your clothes at the moment" In one inhumanly fluid motion, he was right beside her. She panicked, and tried to get off the bed, but he grabbed her with extraordinary strength. He waited for her to stop struggling before speaking. "I have watched you since the day your parents were murdered..and have wanted you since then and finally you will be mine!" He cackled. He maneuvered her back to the bed slowly and gently as if holding back his true strength. She struggled and yelled "I will never be yours..you are my enemy, you killed my brother, and you lied to me..get off of me". She scratches his face and spits on him, only to see the scratch heal right before her eyes. "W-what are you!" she screams. "Don't worry about that..you'll find out from first hand experience soon enough" He stated roughly and he pinned her down to the bed, "There is something you should know about your precious brother Liel" he said mockingly.

"Liel beheaded Lotus." He said with a grin on his face, " shatters your image of your perfect brother doesn't it, do you want to know why he did it?" Distracted by that she stops moving and all her fight leaves her..."No" was all she could say, "You are lying again..." She looked at his face and her instincts told her he was telling the truth. Weakened she just lays there, as she barely registers that Acheron took of his shirt, and kisses her. He them kisses a trail that leads to her neck and then he stops and inhales her scent. She feels too numb to react and is in her own world until suddenly she felt a pang at her neck. At first it was a dull pain, but then she felt Acheron's teeth turn sharper and felt her blood being drained and the pain intensified. She now knew what he was...he was a vampire. She struggled and moved. She felt Acheron withdraw for a moment "Stop struggling....the process will be easier and quicker if you stop, besides the sooner you die the quicker we can be together forever." Too weak to fight him, she stops and closes her eyes, awaiting for death to take her, and when he finally showed up, she surrendered to him.

However, something went wrong and she was returning to her body, but her soul did not follow her back. She knew at once that Acheron had gotten what he wanted....her as a vampire, but she would be damned if she was going to spend her now immortal life with him. She was about ready to attack him, but got distracted by details she would have missed if she had been mortal. As she was distracted, Acheron had grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Join me forever, as my companion" He beckoned, "You were meant to be mine, I love you" Ever fiber of her being revolted, "I don't want your possessive one-sided love" she said angrily. She flung him across the room with her new inhuman strength. Acheron chuckled "I forgot how strong new vampires can be, but you were only successful because I was caught off guard." He started walking to where she was, and she quickly tore of a piece of wood from the headboard. Acheron laughed again, "An amateur stake, please I'm too old and too strong for that to completely kill me if you were to stake my heart, at worst, I will just be stuck on the stake thirsting for blood, but I won't die." Not sure what to do she meets him and pins him to the ground, kissing him. Once he is distracted she stakes his heart and pounds the stake into the ground with her fist.

With her memory recovered, she feels relieved that the blood in the room is just Acheron's. She mourns her human self and looks for her dress from the night before. She finds it, looks at it laughing "What a sign of irony you are" she
says between giggles. Her birthday was supposed to be completely different then it turned out to be, but in a sense she had been reborn. She puts on her dress and leaves the room and goes outside Acheron's manor, retreating underground, for she is sensing that soon it will be dawn.

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