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Anti-UsUk</3 D; [T-rated for cussing]
Why is it so hard to just love the person you want to? Why can't we all just love with out any complications? I guess that's just how we are.... I wanted to love him so very much. More then my ' little brother'. To bring that 'Speical Relationship' to reality...But, quickly my chance came to bring what I wanted to life, but if passed just as fast as it arrived.

" Arthur! Why can't you just listen to me!! I can't and I won't fall in love with you!! That's final! "

"...W-Why Alfred?! Why can't we? There is nothing to stop us! "

" Yes there is,I hate you!!"

What he said hurt me the most. It was just like 'You used to be so big'. I guess.....he can never love me. I just want to love without anything in the way!!! No restrictions that etheir person may have!........Haha...ha I guess it's true, forever a scone as Francis says it. Wow now I finale agree with the frog on something, am I really losing it?

Damnit Alfred why?! All because of that stupid war! All because I raised you!? All because i'm just a few years older...?

He won't, he can't love me there's no way he can now. He said it plain and simple, I hate you. I never thought he'd use that word but hey things change through out time I guess. Ah, I bet he want's to be with Kiku, Bloody hell why didn't I notice it before. Ah well, if I can't find love then what's the point of me even being here...right?

I guess I've made my desion, to take my life away because there's nothing left for me here. I basically pushed everyone away, I have no love, my brothers never even wanted me, I don't know my mother or Farther... I don't have a little brother any more, I don't even have any friends...

Rest of the Countries, Do you think your life is still hard enough? Try walking in my shoes and see how long you can last....

I didn't last, nethier can you.