I went to it and attended the entire thing yesterday.
It was amazing. I saw Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, Crown the Empire, We Came as Romans, BlessTheFall, Woe is Me, Big Chocolate, ooph. 200 people got sent to the hospital because of the heatstroke, haha. And I killed me phone too, so it won't be running for a while. But it was honestly the best day ever. I hung out with a guy I haven't seen in 2 years, and chilled with my recent buds. Mosh pits were the worst though. Crowd surfing was also good. Haha.
And today, the after effects from all the walking, random punches, getting hugged real tight by random cute guys that I don't even know is killing me. I can't lift my right arm up to a certain point, my feet are sore, my right leg is jetlagged, I'm still a bit drowsy (and yes I did take a painkiller, A WHILE AGO. still hurts.) I also got to meet We Came as Romans and got to shake their hands and get autographs. I didn't for SWS though, which sucked. They ran out of SWS posters so only my friend did. But, man.

It was amazing. But now today, I'm just plain depressed. haha. times like these need to come around more often.