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Migonette's Realm
This is where my mind ponders on.
Silent Hill: No Escape- Chapter: Prologue
As a minivan drove through the concrete road, the sky became murky and the woods surrounding the road became monochrome, as if a storm was approaching by. The road that the minivan was taking seemed like it was heading for Brahms, Maine. The bus was driving contently as it carried its passengers along the road with all their personal belongings and continued to drive slowly.

The bus driver was big, fat and plump with red skin wearing a blazing blue shirt and jean overalls. With one hand, he was on the wheel driving smoothly. On the other, however, he was munching on the doughnut contently and it seemed as if he was more content about food over anything at any given moment. When the bus driver nibbled on his last piece of doughnut from the doughnut box sitting across from the driver’s seat, he then glared up at the mirror and gazed at a shaggy haired man, whom was lying back against the minivan cooler. The then starts to swear cockily and demands abruptly, “Whatcha standing there for you c**k! Get me some for food so I can drive!” The shaggy haired man then glared at the man with his shady glasses and replies as he angrily throws his fists up in the air, “Sure, why not! Why do I put with some cocky arrogant b*****d like you is beyond me!” The shaggy haired male then turns around and opens up the cooler and reaches in to get a rocky road ice cream cone from which was stored from there. The bus driver then glares at the shaggy haired man and shook his fists, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Shut up you rocker moron! You’re not the one who is ******** driving to the place! Hell, I don’t even have to drive for you!”

“What happened this time?” spoke a female voice as footsteps were heard from across the vehicle. It appeared to be a woman with striking blond hair like the sun, a very well curvaceous body, and wore a mauve garment. She then walks to the bus driver and then put her hand on his shoulder. The bus driver then gazes at the mirror and notices her bright blue eyes and then explains in his own version, “Hey, not my fault! He’s the one who started it! I was the one who was just driving!” The shaggy haired man glares at the bus driver and the woman with a dead silence. “Relax Mr. Cooper. He’s just a bit temperamental, that’s all.” The woman spoke in a soothing voice as she rubbed his right shoulder with her left hand. Content, the bus driver just smiles and the shaggy haired man gave out an even darker glare. “Now tell me, what would you like?” The woman then asks away with a gentle smile on her face. Mr. Cooper then smiles contently and replies, “Rocky road ice cream please.” The woman then smiles as she looks at the shaggy haired man and asks him politely, “Victor, Mr. Cooper would like some rocky road ice cream please.” At first Victor hesitated, the woman gave him a stern glare and gave in after, “Alright, here.” Victor then tosses the ice cream at the woman and she managed to catch it right side up from three feet from where Victor stood.

The woman then hands over the bus driver the ice cream cone and the bus driver takes it. Mr. Cooper then thanks the woman as he smiles contently licking his ice cream, “Thank you, you’re a real angel, you know that?” “You’re welcome Mr. Cooper.” The woman then greets back with a smile on her face and walks away from the driver’s seat. Victor then pulls over the woman as she was walking to the back of the minivan. “You’re a real angel. Lucia! What were you thinking!?” Lucia then looks back at Victor and then shoves him to the side and whispers, “It’s called being polite, number one! And number two: he’s our only transportation at this time that is able to drive us to Brahms for the concert since all of the bus drivers were taken! Are you satisfied?” Instead of arguing back, Victor just grins at Lucia and then replies calmly as he turns away from her and walked towards the front of the bus, “Whatever.” As Victor walks back to the front of the bus, Lucia then angrily crosses her arms in disappointment and mumbles to herself, “Men...”

Lucia then walks over to the radio that was near the back of the bus, and seems that it was working at the time despite its age. She could have walked to the back of the bus where the other two band members and chat with them since she didn’t feel like talking to Victor. Instead though, she decides to turn on the radio and listen to the forecast. The forecast states that the forecast will be sunny skies with little chance of rain with all of its little but meaningless details. Lucia then begins to stare out into the horizon as she mumbles to herself, “I can’t believe that it’s been exactly one year since this band started.” She then begins to remember the first day of being in the band. It was her college friend, Kora who brought her into the band right after they graduated from their bachelor’s degree in the performing arts. There were of course two members besides, Kaz Hayashi and Victor Van Horst. As soon as the group met together for the first time, they started doing auditions for each members of the group, thanks to Kora’s father Solomon of course. Eventually it was decided by the group that Victor was the drummist, Lucia was in charge of the bass guitar, Kaz was male vocals and rhythm guitarist and Kora was the female vocalists and lead guitarist. Eventually after ten meeting or so did they decide to name their band Night Storm. As time went by, they went to many various concerts in their local neighborhood and one each of them and decided to go on a national band tour around the U.S. They were many places they visited, including San Diego, Los Angles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, and New York. Now all that’s left to finish their tour was Brahms.

Suddenly, a thick fog appeared at the front of the road out of nowhere right where the sign said Brahms. The other sign could not be read because of the thickness of the fog. The bus driver decreases his speed as he squints to see the signs on the road. “Goddamn, what’s going on here? Did the forecast even say anything about a fog?” Lucia then stands up and looks at the bus driver, recalling what she heard over the radio before she zoned out. “A fog!? There wasn’t supposed to be any fog today!” Lucia abruptly blurted out. “Well I guess now we know not to trust the weather forecast anymore.” Mr. Cooper then chuckles as he attempts to see the road through the thick fog. “Well, since I don’t have the directions with me in the glove box, I guess were going to have to make our best guess as to where Brahms is and hope we don’t make the wrong turn.”

Victor then chuckles to himself as he hears this from the driver. Lucia, noticing Victor chuckle is automatically suspicious that he did something with the directions. Though, in truth she hopes that he had nothing to do with the map disappearing and that it was probably misplaced. For it was so the case, it could not only cost them their whole national tour, but Victor’s career as well. Lucia then began stomping over to where Victor was and then hissed at him, “Victor, you had nothing to do with the directions, did you?” Victor then hesitated, knowing that she was angry and was in no mood for games. He then grinned and replied, “Well, all I really did was just threw the map away back in New York.” Furious, Lucia grabbed Victor by the neck and spoke with fury, “You did WHAT!?” Coming up with the excuse trying to be cool, Victor then boast at himself with pride, thinking that he had accomplished the noble peace prize, “Well, what can I say. I’m a genius.” “WHAT CAN I SAY, YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!! Do you even realize what you putting at stake? You’re putting our tour at stake, you’re putting careers at stake, hell you’re putting your own life at stake! Do you even care whether or not you stay in the band?” Lucia screams as passes around the room trying to maintain her anger, preventing herself from throwing victor against the wall. Victor then hesitates as he glances at the ceiling while Lucia rants in the bus. When she was done ranting, Victor then gives out a clear blunt answer, “Umm…No.” Lucia then violently yanks Victor by the collar and shoves him against the wall, yelling at the top of her lungs, “YOU’RE AN a*****e!!!”

The bus driver then glances at the mirror again, seeing that the two are fighting. Mr. Cooper then looks at Lucia and states calmly to her, “Lucia, that p***y isn’t worth fighting with. Even if he did throw away the map, fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere at this point. Right now, we need to figure out away how to get out of this mess and give it our best shot hoping is the right one.” Lucia then calms down and stays near the back of the bus. Victor is stunned from the violent stunt that Lucia pulled on him and can’t move away from the wall. Mr. Cooper then looks at the front of the road, noticing that there is not one road, but two roads he can take. There is one on the left that is very foggy, and there was another one that didn’t appear as foggy. “What to do, do I make a left or do I make a right?” The then glances at the roads for a moment of hesitation, then he glances to the right again and then states, “I’m going to make a right.” He then turns the stirring wheel towards the right and begins increasing the speed of the minivan again.

As the minivan drives along the road, Mr. Cooper noticed that the fog is getting thicker as Mr. Cooper kept driving through the fog. “The fog isn’t getting any better from the looks of it. Let’s hope we pull though out of this.” Mr. Cooper announced as Lucia kept looking at the window, hoping that the fog will fade out. Then suddenly as the minivan drives through the road, a silhouette of a man appeared at the middle of the road. Mr. Cooper jumped up from his seat and shouted, “What the hell!? What’s this a*****e doing on the road?” “A person, on the road? But isn’t the interstate?” Lucia said quietly as she stared what was in front of the road. The back door opens and another woman came through it, only she had short black hair, rosy skin with indigo eyes, wearing a midnight blue dress and looked much younger than Lucia. “What the hell is going on!?” The woman shouted angrily as she looked around her surroundings. Lucia looks over and notices that the woman was walking towards the front, glaring angrily at the bus driver.

The woman then looked what was in front of the road and noticed the silhouette. It looked very hazy at first, but then she was able to see clearly that it was a silhouette of a male, a strange one too. The bus driver also noticed that the silhouette was also male and tried to turn the car around as he replied to the woman’s question, “Apparently because of this goddam fog, I made a wrong turn and now I am trying to go back.” Thinking that he safely pulled away from the pedestrian, he drives normally once again. As he continued driving smoothly, the silhouette pops out again only this time it revealed itself with glowing red eyes. Mr. Cooper screams as the tires screech and the minivan heads for a railing on the road. From the sudden jolt of the vehicle, the woman was flung to the back room of the vehicle and hit the wall as Lucia screams out, “Kora!” A man with black hair and red highlights was in the back room as well wearing a black graphic top and blue boot cut jeans and had almond eyes with golden skin. He jolted up as soon as he noticed the sudden movements made by the minivan, rushed out of the room and noticed that the minivan was going to crash into a railing. “What the..!?” Before the man could finish the sentence, he was knocked against the corner of one of the walls that was right next to the door of the vehicle and was instantly knocked out.

Lucia then shouts as the man was laying on the ground, seemingly unconscious, “Kaz!” Lucia then runs to the doors of the back room and hangs on to the door handles of the back room as the minivan was ready to crash. Mr. Cooper, as he tried to turn the vehicle around, the tires kept screeching with no effect. It was far too little and far too late to stop them from crashing. Lucia then ducks her head away the moment they crashed. Lucia did not look back, all she heard was loud shatters, gushes and screams. *

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