Things don't always seem to go well. However, I decided to stop worrying. I wasn't going to start my novel series until we were up in Seattle and situated, but I decided to go ahead. As of currently, I am halfway through my first novel, with numerous proofreaders correcting any mistakes and offering suggestions as I work. The support I've received has been heart warming and loving. None of it has been from my own family, but they get angry if you do "better" than them, in their eyes. razz We purchased a 2013 Dodge Journey for our 4th wedding anniversary present, and are so pleased with it. I love it so much.
I've begun working as a professional cosplayer, with no support other than from my husband. I work on cosplays for myself and my children. Unfortunately, they don't really care what I make for them, so I just make cool cosplay for them. ^^;