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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
MoonSnowMouse's Journal
Just before I start, views and comments are always appreciated =P
This journal is public, for the most part, and I actually go out of my way to get people to read it, because it's fun =P
But, there are more than one reason why I make entry after entry, and it's not just because I like seeing that other Gaians have read it. This journal isn't exclusively for Gaia, even though it can only be read through Gaia, and I really doubt that anyone else is reading it other than Gaians =o
So, here goes! I write entries like this all the time, becauase of alot of reasons. First, I love making the titles for them, and the things I use to make these titles, and even the things that are contained in the entries, I might use them in my novels in the future. Number two, I will probably use this journal to inform people of where and how to purchase my published novels in the future... no spamming or advertising, just letting you know. Number three, I just love to write them! People read them, and hopefully I can get some opinions across, or maybe the stories I write will inspire other people? Not to mention, I can always look back at these entries in the future and just remember what I have written.
Still, I started writing entries like this long before Gaia, and they were viewed by people just like this. I plan on making tons of entries and keeping them all in a big journal, online or whatever. Maybe I'll print them all into a booklet (more like a giant stack of papers, but whatever) but right now, it's just online, and I have no reason to print anything xD
So, as always, thank you for reading this, if you read all the way through, and hopefully you know more about why I write these :3

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 01, 2013 @ 03:55pm
Alright then...its good to know you will be making more entries...keep it up! *smiles slightly* ^^

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