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Thursday, June 27th 2013 FE Sam Vincent and Missy
I met Sam, he actually approached me since I used a question saying I'd like a photo with him but understood they weren't doing photos after being turned down for being in the line twice.

They arrived late but were lively/entertaining/cool about it.

I didn't expect...to wait in line, in a crowded hallway.
That...was very hard and every time I wanted to bolt & go breathe outside the hallway I couldn't leave, it was crowded.

So I sat in a chair in the opening trying not to panic.

Panel went on, near the end I finally got up there.
Against a wall, beside poeple, getting closer I got more red faced/nervouse/jittery.
Then the guy infront of me was like "You can come back tomorrow, seriously, we're done asking questions after me."
...I staid.

Three people followed me.

I asked the guy when I got up to the microphone he said we're done, and I mentioned a picture, he said no, and I asked about a question, he asked if I had one.
I said it took a lot for me to even be up there.
I was turned away, then the panel said just 4 more, we could ask our questions.

They were very cool about it.
I said, I knew they weren't doing pictures and I would have liked one with Sam but understood.
Then asked, what is your character's pony/griffins phobia?
Said mine is claustrophobia.
I was speaking super-quickly and shaking very hard.

They were all funny about their responses:

Peter New of Big Mac said: public speaking.

Kelly Metzger *Her first Con. by the way!* of Spitfire said: Water.

Trevor Devall of Hoity Toity/Fancy Pants/Iron Will said: Losing his British accent.

Sam Vincent of Flim said: Losing his brother Flam. A room full of mostly males said "aw"!

Maryke Hendrikse of Gilda the Griffin said: Practical jokes & kindness.

Then it got Epic, ended on a good note.
Then....Sam actually surprised us, we waited for the crowd to die down to get out, and he just was...there.

Introduced himself to Addison first, then asked that I wanted to take a picture with him.
I was nervously getting my phone, Addison said he got it, and it was nice.

He was very kind to take the time to do that, I stupidly went on about appreciating it and how hard it was to even get there.
Mentioned I have a bowling ball for him to sign later, he seemed surprised, I explained it's Ed Edd & Eddy.
he asked if i had it, I expanded it was at home, but perhaps tomorrow. emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif

That...made the con experience worth it.

Getting divided/separated by last name to get the badges left us in two parts of the room but we did meet up.

This, was just good. Dunno, what to say really.