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june 27
ugh... i dont even know what i wanna write or how i should write this... sigh... its just family problems i guess hahahaa.... smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

i remember learning in one of my abnormal psych classes that sometimes the values we hold is not the same as the values held by our parents/other family members... and this conflict will often result in mental disorders, most often depression

sometimes i feel like im slowly walking down this path........

before university started (so.. 4 years ago..?), i used to be on sports teams like badminton and track.. it was fine then cause i like some sports and high school was pretty easy so i had lots of time
but im a lot busier now... and i dont have time to be on a team... and my parents are always going on and on about it
o look at your younger brother, he plays the center on his triple a hockey team, a key player for his soccer team, swims blah blah
o did you know his soccer team's assistant coach is your age! why cant you be like that?

everytime im home... its always... why cant you be like so and so

i usually just ignore it... but it makes me so tired........... im tired...

which reminds me of something i read on fml the other day
where this guy got into law school, but his parents completely ignored him and went out to celebrate cause his younger sister got her first pms
i can so relate, its crazy... hahahaaa....

except i prob cant even get into med school.... and im gonna spend my entire life crying in a corner of my lab while forever being the 2nd author of papers.......