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Meh against the World.
I am Gay! Problem?
Why do people think its okay to pick on gay kids? Huh? Do they think its funny when we cut in secret or start to doubt if life is worth it? Do they get a kick out of watching us bleed?! I don't and at first I didn't understand it. I started to question why I was getting shoved in lockers and threatened every lunch brake. Was it because I painted my nail black? Was my eyeliner to dark? Did holding my Girlfriends hand down the halls insult them? They hated me for being bisexual. They hated me for being different. They feared what they couldn't understand.
I was bullied every day, but did I blame them? No and I still don't. Its not their fault they are blind to the truth that love has no boundaries. No limits. Its how they were raised that covers their eyes. That scares them. I scare them. My courage scares them. The thought that some thing they never experienced was being introduced to their school and people were opening their eyes to the truth gave them nightmares. They felt threatened and that's why they did what they did. That's why I was put through that hell.
Every day was like being cut open and bleeding out with every word they hissed at me. Every night I felt that pain all to real and cleaned up the mess thinking of their laughter. That's when I decided I couldn't let them win. The taunting had to stop! The abuse needed to come to an end! Those who hid their sexuality needed to be able to openly express that they are different. Lovers who secretly stole a moment together when no one was looking needed to come out. For all the couples that hid I had to stay strong. For them and for my friends I couldn't give in. I stood up to them with my LGBT friends beside me and slowly people started coming to me and telling me about how they thought they they too had feeling for some one of the same sex. I finally felt a little at piece. People still make fun of me, yes but it's worth it for all the people I've helped.
Sure when I first came out about it I was nervous and quiet but I stayed true to myself and I didn't want to be fake anymore. It helped that I started being open about it while I was with some one and we went through it together. We didn't have to be alone and we didn't have to lie anymore. I lost a lot of friends but I began to realize that if they stopped being friends with me for who I like then they were never truly my friends any way. So it became more clear who my true friends were. I also made a lot of new friends that weren't LGBT themselves but respected me for standing up for what I believe in.
I'm prolly boring you with this story so if you've read this far then I just want to say if you are hiding that secret part of you then stop. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Don't hide who you are. You'll never know you will love the real you.

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Ruin the eMo
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    Syn Smoke
    Community Member

    Tue Jul 02, 2013 @ 08:05am

    Ok you know I'm not LGBT which I think I know what that is so yea you know I'm not but either way I'm with you and you already know that and P.S. gimme a list of the idiot's who put you in those locker's or abused you I'd like to have fun with them (evil thought's) smilies/icon_twisted.gif muahahahahahaha oh and I love you. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

    Ruin the eMo
    Community Member

    Tue Jul 02, 2013 @ 11:10pm

    Teehee! Thanx Syn and nooooooo! Don't hurt them for what they were taught. They just didn't understand.

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