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I am not afraid of death no that is not what I am writing about no.
I'm afraid of their death, they raised me they feed me they gave me love. Their not always perfect they make mistake just like me sometimes.. big ones sometimes small ones and I cant use that against them. But as I grow older I just want to protect them from illness and pain just like they did for me when I was fragile I don't want them suffering at all. But what can I do ? I am young have no money I cant do anything for them but only help them with chores or do the chores by myself . I wish they weren't so old sometimes I wish I can make them young again. Its my parents death I fear as I see their hair turn grey their eyes turn dull and there speed slow I see them going older and becoming like a baby fragile and a lot of care just like they did for me
I wish they wont go till they met my children and my brother's children or when they met their grandchildren I hope they stay