lL U C lI lF lE lR
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Inside my inner sanctum, my chapel, my safe haven,
It's hard to stay calm
And ignore the steps.
They are loud and with every pound
To the ground
I can hear it rumble.
An earthquake; it's thunder to my ears,
Every crack and every step
I can hear it rumble,
The anger, the malice,
Bitter disappointment.

Inside my inner sanctum, my chapel, my safe haven,
I hide from the storm outside the door.
I realize it can bellow and howl
And enter at any time,
So I tremble and shake whenever
The pounding steps are on the floor.

What a world, what a life, to live like this,
I cannot be on edge for long,
So when I can hear it rumble,
Such anger, such malice,
And that bitter, bitter disappointment,
I can know that with every crack and step
The storm howls and screeches
I can...well, I do not even know
How to end my own fear-telling,
But when I do learn how to overcome these hauntings
I will come back and finish how the story ends.