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sample #1 the forest
The forest seemed endless, and it was impossible to tell how far they'd come. Each creek they crossed looked exactly like the previous one. All the trees had identical etchings and knobs.
Is this hell? The men wondered.

The forest was nearly silent. The only sounds audible were the crunching of leaves as they stepped and the occasional daring whisper. There were no signs of wildlife. It appeared as if they were completely alone.

The air was brisk, nipping at their unprotected skin. The trees, all tall, thin, and bare offered no protection. It was steadily getting darker and at last, their leader allowed them a rest. After laying down their packs, still wet from last night's rain, the men began setting up for the night. The younger of the men were ordered to gather wood for a large fire, while the rest set up their tents and began preparing a grim dinner.