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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 11)
Chapter 11
I Wasn’t Hallucinating
(Ninja Boy Returns And I get To Meet My Book Characters)

I run most of the way home, making sure that no one is following me. Running doesn’t really make much difference (I’m not very fast) but it’s worth a try. A few blocks away from home, I trip and twist my ankle. I hold back a pained yelp, get back up, and keep running, ignoring the pain. I slow down a few feet from my house, to keep my parents from waking up and panicking. I quietly open the front door -which I forgot to lock when I left- and go back to my room.
I collapse on the floor, exhausted. I’ve never run that far at full speed before. I fall asleep, with many questions going through my head.
“Bethany, wake up honey. You have school today. You don’t want to sleep through your first day, do you?” My mom says, trying to shake me awake. I groan. I’m tempted to tell her ‘Yes, now leave me alone and let me sleep.’, but I know that would just make her mad. I groggily get up, realizing that I hadn’t bothered to change.
“Hurry up and change Bethany. I got your uniform yesterday, it’s laying over there.” Mom says, pointing over to the other side of the room where there’s a green skirt, a white long sleeved shirt with a green and white collar, and a red piece of cloth that I think I’d be able to figure out if I wasn’t feeling like a zombie today. Under the chair where all that is sitting, is a pair of brown shoes, and black socks.
I nod, still to groggy to respond. She leaves the room, and I change into the uniform, liking everything but the skirt. I hate wearing skirts. I look in the full length mirror on the other side of the room.
With my dark brown eyes, and hair that couldn’t make up its mind about whether it wanted to be blonde, or brown, the uniform actually isn’t too bad. I’d still rather be wearing jeans though.
I walk into the kitchen, noticing that Trevor isn’t stuck wearing a uniform. Elementary kids are so lucky.
I gulp down a glass of milk, grab a granola bar, and walk back to my room to grab my bag. I put my textbooks that my mom gave me yesterday into it, surprised that they are a whole lot lighter than the American ones. I glance over at my bookshelf, at the notebooks that I discovered yesterday. I walk over and stick two of them in my bag as well. A dark blue covered one, and a neon yellow one. I consider grabbing the purple one with the character ones for a moment, then mom yells at me to hurry up again. I shrug and head out the door, Trevor right behind me.
“Bye mom!” I yell back at her.
“Bye kids! Have a good day!” she yells. Dad comes outside, ready for work.
“Try not to fall down any stairs today, okay Bethany?” He teases.
I feel my face get a little warm and ignore the joke. Trevor is clinging to my arm. He gets a little shy at new places. Normally, I’d shove him off, but he’s actually taking a little weight off of my bad foot, so I leave him alone.
I spot Yoshimori up ahead, arguing with that high school girl again. Trevor does too, and runs up to him to say hi.
“Hi!” Trevor yells at him. Yoshimori turns around, actually looking pretty ticked off, then he spots Trevor and I, and calms down a bit. He gives my ankle a weird look.
“What happened?” he asks.
“I twisted it last night. It’s fine.” I say, trying to stop limping. It still really hurts. He looks a little worried, but turns around and keeps walking since we’ve caught up to him. The high school girl is giving us a questioning look. Trevor walks up to her and sticks out his hand. Here we go again.
“Hi, I’m Trevor. What’s your name?” He asks her. I feel a face palm coming on again.
She smiles and puts her hand in his outstretched one.
“Tokine, glad to meet you Trevor.” she says. He smiles, then walks back over to me and pulls me over to her.
“This is my sister, Bethany.” He says. As soon as he lets go of my arm, I use face palm. Yoshimori is trying to keep from snickering. I glare at him and he quits laughing.
Tokine is looking at me now, as if she recognizes me from somewhere. A look of realization appears on her face.
“Hey, aren’t you that girl that fell off of the plane a few days ago?” She asks. My mood instantly darkens and I curse those stupid media people. Don’t they have celebrities to gossip about or something?
She sees the look on my face and her expression changes.
“Sorry! I shouldn’t have mentioned that. I assumed you knew though…”
“No one ever tells me about that kind of stuff. Stupid media.” I say. Yoshimori is snickering again.
“Oh shut up.” I tell him. I start walking again, Trevor clinging to my arm again, oblivious that his sister is probably a laughing stalk already. Tokine and Yoshimori follow.
“Sorry” Yoshimori says, catching up.
“It’s fine, you aren’t the one that I’m mad at. I probably would have laughed too.” I tell him. “I ever run into the person who told the media though…well, they most likely won’t be doing crap like that anymore.”
Yoshimori and Tokine both laugh.
“You know, I actually feel sorry for whoever gave them that story.” Yoshimori said jokingly. Tokine nods.
“Look!” Trevor says, pointing up ahead. I look up, and notice that we’ve reached the school. I have a bad feeling about this.

I manage to find my classroom after I drop Trevor off at his. He kept clinging to me so of course, I’m late on the first day. Thanks a lot Trevor.
To make matters worse, I almost got lost. I somehow manage to find the right class after a few minutes though. When I do find it and walk in, I notice something right away. Ninja boy is in my class, sitting over by the window.
The teacher notices me come in, introduces me to the class, (but doesn’t make me say anything, thank God) then tells me to go sit by ninja boy. (whose real name, I find out, is Gen Shishio)
I do what he says. Gen doesn’t look away from the window. He doesn’t even notice I’m there. Phew.
I know what you’re thinking. I am NOT afraid of this guy. I’m not going to be afraid of some guy I don’t even know. Not when I’ve not even said two words to the guy. He doesn’t seem like much of a talker though, which is fine with me. I’ve got to keep focused in class, which is already pretty hard.
I can’t pay attention very well when I’m not interested in the subject. I have to though in this case, otherwise my mom’s going to kill me.
I can’t help thinking about last night’s hallucination though. I’m starting to think that it wasn’t just a hallucination now. This place keeps getting weirder and weirder, and for some reason, I’m loving every strange minute.
When the bell finally rings, I decide that I need to get out of there for a few minutes, to clear my head. I go find a tree to sit under outside and open the dark blue notebook. The first page says “Gen the so called “heartless” transfer student” in big, bold, black letters. Gen…wasn’t that ninja boy’s name? To keep things from getting any creepier than they already have, I pull out the other notebook instead. It’s Title page says “Genso no Senshi (by Irene1792 and liz 163)” in purple.
Genso no Senshi…if I remember right, that’s Japanese for elemental warriors. I think. I turn the page and read the first “Liz POV” (which I remember means Point Of View) Which I’m guessing that I wrote, since Liz was in my character profile notebook. The Iri POV’s must be by Irene.
I wish I could get on Gaia. But I still don’t remember the stupid password.
I notice a couple of girls a few feet away, pointing and whispering. Three of them look like anyone else here. Either black or brown hair and eyes, short hair. The other two stand out though.
There’s a girl with long, red hair, and bright green eyes, looking straight at me, grinning like…well, I don’t think anything can have that big of a grin. The other one has long, dark, brown hair, emerald green eyes, and her skin tone is a little darker than the other girls. She looks really annoyed at the crowd of boys not ten feet away. Honestly, why does every guy have to drool over every pretty girl they see? It’s sickening. In other words, I wouldn’t blame that girl if she kicked their butts, right then and there.
One of the girls with brown hair and black eyes whispers something to the red-head and points at me. I pretend to be reading my notebook. Before I know it, red-head and her friends are walking over to me. (the boys are still following the girl who looks ticked off…pathetic)
“Hey, aren’t you the new American girl?” asks the red-head. “The one who fell off of the plane?”
I feel like slapping this girl in the face over that last part, but just nod instead.
“I told you guys.” she said, turning back to her friends. She turned to the other green eyed girl.
“Lizzie, beat them up if you have to, but stop zoning out like that. It’s starting to creep me out.” she told her. Lizzie mumbled something about wanting the red head to stop calling her that, then turns to the pack of boys behind her and gives them a look that says ‘If you don’t leave me the heck alone, I’m going to slaughter every last one of you.’
The boys finally take the hint and leave.
“Can’t those guys ever take a hint and let it stick in their heads?” asks one of the girls with black hair and brown eyes.
Lizzie shrugs and turns her attention to me.
“You know, bringing up the plane thing probably wasn’t the best thing Azza. She’s probably sick of hearing about it.” she comments. I’m liking this girl already. Azza seems to be thinking about it for a second, then looks a bit embarrassed.
“Sorry. I just wanted to confirm that it really was you.” she tells me. Great, I’m a freaking celebrity here already.
“When did they let you out of the hospital?” asks the girl with brown hair and black eyes.
“Yesterday” I answer. They all give me strange looks, except for the one girl who’s stayed silent. She has short brown hair and brown eyes, and seems to be staring into space.
“Your parents let you go to school only one day after you got out of the hospital? Are you okay?” the brown-haired, black-eyed girl asks.
“Well I twisted my ankle yesterday, and the fall off of the plane gave me a little bit of a concussion, but nothing really serious. So, yeah, I’m fine.” I answer. The girls are all giving me pitiful looks now. Well, Lizzie isn’t. She’s rolling her eyes, as if she’s been through worse.
One thing I am finding out quickly about her, she reminds me of one of the characters in that purple notebook. The one named Lissette. And is it just me, or did the red-head say that her name was Azza?
Something weird is going on, and I am really starting to regret ignoring that blue notebook. So much for things not getting any creepier.

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