cat_4laugh Ni Hao!! It's Me the Anime Kitten!
Tonights ball of yarn is Kuroko No Basket! I've been watching it for the past three nights!! I am non episode 8 now! I can't wait for Serin to go against the Two King Schools!!! Ahhhh So Excited!!! I wanna see Kuroko And Kagami play on the court some more!!!!!! *Whisper in the back* NANDE!!!!! I don't think that the couch and Kuroko are cute together!!! I Ship KagamiXKuroko and KiseXKuroko!!!! I know I haven't watched it that much but they are soooo cute together!!!
I wonder if there will be another injury! Well until tomorrow night my Kittens, I am going to watch more now!!!! Love you all! cat_3nodding