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only a little more to go until I'm done with editing! then I'll spend the remaining days until July trying to get a lot more Naoto done ;;

yeah. marui.

8/29, Monday

ng else?
You: Ah, is it all right if I have something?
Sanada: Hou, thank you. What did you bring?
You: Homemade cookies and plushies.
Sanada: Mm, that's good. Girls and children will probably take them.
Jackal: Ah...... I only have this.
Sanada: A soccer ball...... it's brand-new.
Jackal: Ah, I got it from someone I know, but I don't play soccer.
Kirihara: I've got this!
Sanada: A handheld game system...... is this also new?
Kirihara: Yup. Someone gave it to me.
Sanada: Hmph...... everyone has things they received from others.
Kirihara: By the way, what did you bring, Fukubuchou?
Sanada: This.
You: A bear carving......
Kirihara: Is it a present from Hokkaido?
Sanada: It was not a present. It's an article made by a well-known crafstman.
Kirihara: I wouldn't really want it.
Sanada: You're a guy who doesn't know the value of things.
You: F-for now, I'll add it to the list of prizes.

Things to see:
Akaya, main building, serve minigame. You probably won't get to play it because...

Marui is in the main building. He jumped me as soon as I entered.

Marui: Oi, Shion! What're you doing?
You: Oh, Bunta-senpai. Are you hungry?
Marui: H-hey...
You: Am I wrong? For you to call out to me outside of work, I thought it must be something like that...
Marui: Even I think I want to have normal conversations too...
You: Ah, sorry...
Marui: So, do you have time?


First choice:
You: Yes. Do you need something?

(skip past second choice)

Second choice:
You: Right now the committee representatives are meeting...
Marui: What? Guess it can't be helped.
You: I'm sorry...
Marui: Well, it's fine. I'll forgive you today. Later.
You: Yes.

Marui: Ah, I wouldn't really call it that. Ahh, more importantly, I'm hungry. Do you have anything?
You: You are hungry after all. Here! Today I brought cookies I baked!
Marui: Thanks. M, mm, delicious, delicious!
You: ...
Marui: What? You're staring at me while I'm eating.
You: I was just thinking that soon you won't be able to eat things like this from me anymore.
Marui: Why? Is it getting annoying for you to feed me?
You: No, that's not it! Senpai, you're eating it like it's really good, so I'm happy!
You: It's just, when the school festival is over, we're also in different school years, so I thought we wouldn't have the chance to talk to each other like this anymore.
Marui: Hmm.
You: Ah, is it okay if I sometimes bring snacks to your club?
Marui: ...with some conditions, it's fine.
You: Conditions?
Marui: Right, but they're pretty easy., I'll be upset if you don't think they're easy. Really upset.
You: What kind of conditions?
Marui: W-what kind... Damn, I'm not good at this...
You: Not good at what?
Marui: Ah, nothing. Uh, I'll tell you the conditions later. So don't worry about it.
You: ? Yes, understood.
Marui: I'm not good at it, but... I can't just leave it at that.

No hearts for either choice. ...I think.

You: (The bean paste has come in from the merchants, so we'll start the sweets booth practice.)

You: We've received the samples of bean paste from the merchants, so we can use this and practice the cooking.
Marui: Okay. So, what are we making?
You: First, we'll start with something simple, mizu youkan. [thick jellied dessert made from bean paste; the "mizu" kind has more water than usual, says Wiki]
Marui: Ohhh! Mizu youkan! Is it okay if I eat them when we're done?
You: Yes, of course.
Yagyuu: There are good things in gelatin, so it should turn out well.
You: Then, please read over the recipe well and proceed according to the instructions.

Yanagi: Mm, this is finished.
Marui: I'm also done!
You: Well then, let's refrigerate the ones that are done.
You: And while they're refrigerating, we'll start the preparations for the mitsumame.
Yagyuu: Understood. What should we make first?
You: The most important ingredient in mitsumame is definitely kuromitsu. [Japanese sugar syrup, similar to molasses, says Wiki. MY NEW SOURCE OF ALL JAPANESE CUISINE INFORMATION.] We got good black sugar [kokutou, called "muscovado" apparently] from Okinawa, so we'll use that.
You: It's easy to make. You just put water and black sugar in a pot and boil.
Marui: Is that really it?
You: Of course, be careful that it doesn't burn. When it's boiling and has melted, turn off the heat and let it cool.
You: If you do that, the scum and the cream that didn't melt will form a ball, and if you remove it, it's done.

Yanagi: As expected, with such a big ball of black sugar, it takes time for it to melt.
Marui: Hot...... this one's pretty much all melted.
You: If it's melted, please turn off the heat. We can put it in the shiratama dango. [dango made with shiratama, white rice flour]
Yagyuu: We'll be pretty busy, aren't we?
You: We'll finish the pre-cooking arrangements before the shop opens, so I don't think we're really busy yet.

You: It should be cool enough by now.
Yanagi: Mm, let's sample it.
Marui: I've been waiting for this!
You: All right, first is the mizu youkan.
Yagyuu: Hou...... they look beautiful.
Marui: Thanks for the foood!
Yanagi: Mm...... they were well made. They have an elegant sweetness.
You: They're delicious......
Marui: Isn't there any more?
You: You already ate it? How did it taste?
Marui: No complaints!
You: Good. The mitsumame is also done, so please go ahead and taste it.
Marui: Mm...... doing a sweets booth was definitely the best choice. This is heaven!
Yagyuu: If we put red beans in the mitsumame, it becomes anmitsu, and if we put ice, it becomes cream anmitsu.
Yagyuu: The menu has become more varied.
Yagyuu: Ah, it might be a good idea to let each customer decide what they want to put on it at the end.
Marui: Even so...... this kuromitsu is amazing. It has a really strong, nice smell.
You: Homemade kuromitsu is best.
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
Yagyuu: Fuu...... it seems like Bunta-kun will do all of the tasting for us.
Marui: Yep, leave it to me.
Yanagi: All right, we're done with practice for today. The rest we'll leave for tomorrow.

Things to see:
Tachibana, main building, Fudomine building their haunted house
Niou, tennis court, wall-hitting minigame. That's what I have down in Sanada route, anyway, and I assume it holds true, except apparently Niou's affection is high enough for him to jump me, so I can't play with him.
Sanada, booth space, racketing minigame

Marui is at the stage. He jumped me again. Same conversation until I chose yes.

You: Yes, now is fine.

Marui: Okay, that's good.
You: Did you need something from me?
Marui: Not really. I just sort of wanted to call out to you.
You: Really? Then I'll be going.
Marui: Hey, wait. That was a joke.
You: A joke? Then what did you want to talk about?
Marui: Hey~ Aren't you strangely cold to me today?
You: R-really?
Marui: Are you hiding something?
You: N-no. Not really...
Marui: Like if you're hiding from me because you're eating something tasty...
You: If that happened, I would invite you, Senpai.
Marui: Really... then like if you're conscious of me?
You: ...n-no.
Marui: Oh, just now you paused and stuttered!
You: There wasn't a pause and I didn't stutter!
Marui: Hmmm, I see~ you're conscious of me. Hmmm~
You: ...there's a committee representative meeting, so I'm going!
Marui: Ah... she got mad and ran away. Maybe I teased her too much. I'll have to think about this... or something.

Evening + night
Marui is in the main building. Scene!

You: Bunta-senpai.
Marui: Oh! You came at a good time. Gum, do you have any gum?
You: Yes, I do.
Marui: Give me some! I ran out.
You: Fufu. Here, go ahead.
Marui: Thanks! Whew~... that was close.
You: Eh? What do you mean, that was close?
Marui: When I run out of gum, I go into withdrawal.
You: Ehh? W-what happens?
Marui: Heh, obviously it's a lie.
You: Eh? Ah... geez, you were teasing me.
Marui: Hahaha, sorry. But I really did run out of gum. You bringing some was a great help.
You: Senpai, you really like gum, don't you.
Marui: Yeah, when I'm chewing gum, I can relax.
You: Relax... we talked about this before, didn't we?
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
You: Ah, but... saying you need to relax means...
You: Senpai, could it be that you get pretty nervous during matches?
Marui:'re pretty sharp, aren't you.
You: Eh? You really do?
Marui: I corner myself and use autosuggestion. It's part of my genius.
You: Ah...
Marui: When I do that, I can use more strength than usual, but in the end I get nervous and it doesn't go well.
Marui: So I chew gum. Well, that might also be autosuggestion.
You: R-really...
Marui: ...or something. I don't really know. I also just like gum.
You: Ah, but... you really are a genius, Senpai.
You: When you do that, you can face yourself calmly.
Marui:'re pretty amazing too.
You: Eh?
Marui: What we were just talking about, I haven't talked to Jackal about it. Somehow when it's you it just comes naturally.
You: Senpai...
Marui: Oops, there's something I have to do, I gotta go.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Thanks for the gum. Later.

[+at least 3 hearts, but that brought me to max, sooo.]

You: (Yeah, everyone is doing well. I'm glad...)

8/30, Tuesday

You: (This afternoon, we'll be practicing cooking for the sweets booth...... with the way things are, it seems like it will go without any trouble.)

Marui is at the plaza. It seems that if you repeat any topic you've already spoken to him about before, he always answers the same way, no matter his affection level.

Special conversation topic: about littering
You: It looks like they've found the culprit behind the littering from before.
Marui: Ah, really! Then the suspicion on me should be completely cleared.
You: Yes.
Marui: But who was it? That guy who would do something so rude.
You: It was a student from another school who came to watch the festival preparations.
Marui: Another school? ...but what exactly did he come here to do?
Marui: Even if he's watching the school festival preparations, it's not very interesting.
You: It seems like he had his sights on the girls.
Marui: Oi oi, that's a dangerous guy. one weird's tried to talk to you, right?
You: Eh? I'm fine.
Marui: Oh, okay! If anything happens, call me right away. I'll come running right away.
You: Yes, thank you very much.

[+unknown number of hearts due to being maxed]

You: Today, we'll start with cooking zenzai [soft bean jam] and shiruko [sweet red-bean soup].
Marui: What's the difference between zenzai and shiruko?
You: Ah, I don't really know myself. It seems that there are various different ways of calling it in Kantou and Kansai.
You: It's just, this time we'll call the gozen shiruko with koshian [strained bean paste] "shiruko," and the inaka shiruko with tsubuan [type of red bean paste] "zenzai."
You: But we'll put both names in the menu so that no one gets confused.
Yanagi: That's right, that's a good idea.
You: Now, I've prepared the things you can put in shiruko and zenzai, mochi and shiratama dango. Please choose whatever you'd like.
Marui: In the end, it has to be mochi.
Yanagi: I'll use shiratama.
You: It's easy to make. You just have water and a little salt, and then put in the mochi or shiratama and boil.
Yagyuu: With this menu, as long as the anko is made well, no matter who makes it they won't mess up, huh?
You: All right, let's begin.

Marui: That was fast, it's already done.
Yagyuu: That was easy, wasn't it?
You: All right, let's sample them.
Yanagi: Mm, it has a good taste. Because the anko is good.
Marui: It's delicious!
Yagyuu: If it's this, there really won't be any problems.
You: Well then, next let's move on to the kudzu manjuu [manjuu covered with kudzu starch glaze] and kudzukiri [noodles made from kudzu starch and water].

Yagyuu: Hou...... this is good kudzu.
You: It's top-class Yoshino kudzu.
Yanagi: Mm. If it's with this, we should be able to make wonderful kudzu manjyuu.
You: Well, let's start immediately from dissolving the kudzu. We'll make lots of kudzukiri.
Marui: Ohh, dissolve it, dissolve it. Should I put this through a strainer?
You: Yes, if you do that, it will become soft [and pleasant on the tongue, says my dictionary!]. Please add water and boil it.
You: The point is for it to reach this boiling state [koko no shaguai ga pointo ni narimasu]. You might mess up several times, but I think the trick is to take it off immediately [sugu ni tsukameru?].
Marui: Ah...... isn't it kind of burnt?
You: Ahh...... the heat was too high. It's a bit of a waste, but we can't use this. Please do it again.
Marui: Geez......
Yanagi: It seems that this turned out well.
You: Well then, we'll start the work of covering the anko with kutsu.

Marui: Hasn't it cooled yet?
You: That's right, it should be about done.
Marui: Great! All right, thanks!
Yanagi: Mm...... this was done well. The appearance and coolness are good.
Marui: Mm! Delicious!
Yagyuu: Ah...... this one didn't turn out so well. The color is a bit muddy. I might have left it on the heat for too long.
You: I think if you practice enough, you won't make mistakes anymore. Please do your best.

Things to see:
Taka-san, booth space, Seigaku's goldfish-scooping booth
Yagyuu, plaza, smash practice minigame
Niou, stage, smash practice minigame

Marui is in the main building. Pick a conversation topic.

Evening + night
Marui is at the tennis courts. Once again, just pick a topic...

You: Ah, my phone...... could it be...
You: Yes, this is Aoyagi.
Marui: Yeah, it's me. Marui.
You: Ah, Bunta-senpai. Good evening.
Marui: Yeah, good evening. Hey, tomorrow, are you free?

Yes. I'm free.
Ah... I have plans...

First choice:
You: Yes. I'm free.
Marui: Okay! Then do you want to go bowling?
You: Bowling? That's fine.
Marui: Then it's decided. Then tomorrow at ten in front of the station. Is that okay?
You: Yes, understood.
Marui: Then, good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (Bowling with Bunta-senpai... I look forward to it.)

Second choice:
You: Ah... I have plans...
Marui: Ah... really. Well, can't be helped.
You: I'm sorry.
Marui: Nah, it's fine. Later.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: (I'm sorry, Bunta-senpai...)