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SLUTS. Rant.

Okay first off, if someone is in a relationship DON'T FLIRT WITH THEM, if you comment on a girls picture "hey girl, you look sexy" she better have the decency to not even reply to him, because that would make her a whore as well. If her boyfriend saw that she replied he better freak out, and it's the same for boys too. As soon as a girl sees another girl call her boyfriend cute, shes automatically a slut. I've noticed in my own past relationships girls would try to cover it up, they would see my boyfriend and be like "hey baby, your cute" and then try to cover it up by saying "you and your girlfriend are so cute together" it's like no. Who do you think your fooling? It's not gonna work. Leave them alone if they'er in a relationship, go find someone else! Trust me it's not that hard. K bye.